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muffins day..

i'm sorry for not updating, i simplyy is quite buzy with school and all..
well, today,i'm in a good mood, hence, i happily went to taka to shop after my school..and guess what discovered? a stall selling fresh muffins baked on the spot at the foodhall!
my 1st instinct was to buy every single flavour, they look so delicious and cute. oh gosh, in the end i bought 5 flavours becuz its buy 4 get 1 free!one of each: mango, apple, citrus, banana and blueberry. i ate the apple one, there is icing and almond on top and ooh, so crispy and moist after i toast it in the oven for a while.
there, you see above? can see the parts that has apple juice,hmm..yummy..