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TungLok Signatures

Ever since Vivocity open in late October,i have started to be their regular customer, going there whenever i'm out of the house, seems like the only haunt right now.

I plan to try out as many restaurants and food there as possible, so far i've one food republic, kopitiam, Asian Kitchen, Sushi Tei, Corduroy Cafe, Pacific coffee company, Coffee Bean and the last TungLok Signatures which i went just yesterday!

Do you know that each time i go to Vivocity, a must eat is Food Republic's BAO JIN TIAN's Black sesame bun?I love black sesame and i crave for anything with black sesame, ah boling etc..BUT???a bao? wow, i was amazed by how tasty it was, the thin skin was filled fully with black sesame filling plus soe white sesame i spotted. One Huge Find..

Yesterday, i went Vivocity, eat partly,haha...saw TungLok's interior and look so high look at the menu, i ove it, all kinds of unique food i love to explore...soo..booked for dinner lor...then we went shop a …