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No timmeee

i'm sooo time to update my blog and i dunno what i should update about now..
except that i went to cruise last week of course..Star Aquarius..And i ate a lot..i hope it's interesting enough?Basically there are 4 restaurants that you can dine in for free..and a few others which you've got to pay as you eat.haha..
3 are buffet styles and only one chinese restaurant which serves chinese set lunches and dinner and also western set dinner. Let me go deeper into details what i ate since day 1 which is the friday 2 weeks ago..which is 15th June..(refresh memory...)
Day 1..Our first meal was lunch and we chose to have chinese set meal because we thought of trying that first. The set includes quite a lot of things like pork, vegetables and sotong ball in some kind of sweet syrup and fried shrimp. I did not exactly like them and there is too much gravy on most dishes. However, what fantasize me which is different from Star Virgo is that they have an additional buffet section…