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Second Week of Fun and Food in Shanghai ( 20th-26th May 2013)

It was a really packed and fulfilling week.

First week of work without meeting my aunt after was a tough start. Met JJ for dinner at a simple cantonese restaurant serving 粤菜 at Zhongshan Station. Not that satisfactory so i wouldn't spend too much time elaborating it. 

Met Raymond, Jian Wei, Melissa and Ping Lynn for the first time on Tuesday and we had wanted to eat at the popular 新白鹿餐厅 but the 2-hour queue really turned us off. 

We were hungry and it was running late, so we decided to eat at Saizeriya @ 353 Plaza instead. The food there was so cheap, Raymond and i each had 2 main courses while we also shared a bottle of red wine. The food wasn't fantastic, and their portions were also pretty small. We were really full after the cheap dinner and it was already running late so i had to leave first. Gave them the VIP card to enter R&B Readers Choice Award on Thursday to support me at Cuvve!

Met them on Thursday for a short while and they went on to eat at 新白鹿!The event…

1st Week With Bren In Shanghai

There's so much nice food here!!! I've yet to explore everything but they're some i think that's really worth sharing with you all out there!!!

1. 小肥羊麻辣火锅
Located just along Yan'an Road where i am staying. Had this on my first dinner here in Shanghai with my aunt. We shared a dual-sided hotpot ( Mala + Ginseng mushroom soup). The mala here is really spicy!! You can literally see all the dried chilli, chilli oil and other spices floating at the top. The mushroom side was good too! They're both tasty and great for our lamb slices which we ordered an extra portion on top of the set, as well as another plate of black pork slices, a 火锅面,炸油条,和蔬菜拼盘。All these adds to about RMB 170. Really too cheap for a carnivourous dinner like this!

p.s We actually had it again 1 week later.. You can imagine how much we love it.

2. 北东人
Also had this for lunch on my first day here. We ordered a pot of 酸菜猪肉锅和两碟鲁猪脚,and ate them with rice. They're pretty tasty as well and we had a lot …

The Backyard



Once again.. I have been missing in action for a couple of months. I learnt a phrase yesterday, ' It ain't over till the fat lady sings'. It has finally dawned on me that this idiom indeed exist. The feeling of getting over all the exams especially when you feel that your hard work might have done a little more help than just luck alone. Examinations isn't everything, be yourself and just follow your call. The recent NUS incidents have indeed sent a timely reminder to students like some of us out there who are struggling with were struggling in preparation of the exams. It is not an easy feat, time management for revision as well as the actual exam itself was a challenge we all have to face during this crucial period. Nevertheless, i wish all of us the very best! To those that still have more to go, push yourself hard but always remember, we can only do this much, as long as we tried our best, there will be no regrets. And for those who are done with your exams, go ahe…