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People's Park Complex hidden treasures

I know it can be frustrating if you can't make up your mind between the three roasted meat stalls and four other dim sum stalls. They all look the same but you know surely one of those stalls is the famous one which your grandparents and parents grew up eating. 
Today, I'd introduce to you one of the best dimsum and roast meats non-restaurant style, together with some new findings in the current People's Park Complex.  It has been a long while since I last wowed at the dimsum before me. The stall only displays a pathetic number of dishes in the glass cabinet as compared to Ho Kee which display a wide myriad of choices. Yet... 道记(Chop Hean Kuan)'s dimsums sells like hot cakes. The price range is not large, cheapest at 90c for items like the ugly looking yet tempting siew mai, egg tarts and 韭菜角, the most expensive item is 2 bucks for the 糯米鸡. The mini char siew bao was heaven. I seldom fancy this because it feels  often feels like eating marinated card board. But trust m…

Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya

It's a weekday evening and everywhere is crowded, you are spoilt for food choices at Orchard Central and you're craving for Jap cuisine. Can't decide where to eat? Choose Sumiya!

I never knew there was a 12th floor at OC until last Thursday. To go to level 12, you need to take the lift to the 11th floor and take one floor up by the escalator. The scenic view and strong breeze outside the restaurant looks perfect for couples who wants a quiet place or for friends to mingle for hours without being chased.

I made up my mind to eat at Sumiya instead of Ootoya or Tonkatsu. The menu in a scroll looks too interesting to resist. Their grilled items seemed to be their specialty as there were several different types ranging from the skewered ones to dried seafood (DIY). Some if not all dishes has a note at the side telling you what drinks goes well with the food item. We sat near the glass wall so that we can have a clear view of the haze -.-

We decided to order one or two from each…

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant - The Unexpected

You might be wondering where why the title i gave to my blog post. We had wanted to go to East Ocean Teochew Restaurant for dinner as we used to patronize for their sumptuous spread of cutely decorated dimsums. Many of you who have also been there will remember the perpetually packed restaurant with busy waiters buzzing around above a flight of stairs from the Isetan office basement.
With such advanced in technology, we found out from Google that the restaurant has shifted to Takashimaya Level 5 where the cluster of restaurants are situated at. The brightly lit and classy restaurant is located beside Seoul Garden ( where Breekz used to be situated). I was bewildered by the spacial design of the restaurant as it was quite a great leap from the old venue. We were sat down by a friendly waitress followed by 4 cups of super thick and red tea known to cleanse your tummy so i guess it was for us to feel hungrier and thus prepare ourselves to eat more?

I almost jumped off my chair with excit…