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Your One Stop Guide to Bangkok Eats, Shop, Massage and Stay

Most of you would have been to Bangkok once in your life. For those who have yet venture there, i hope after reading this post, you will be enticed to go!

I will still follow the rule of thumb like the rest of my blog, so it might be a little long to read. You may choose to simply look at the photos and caption. If something in particular catches your attention, you could then read the elaboration as follows. As easy as 1-2-3 right!
STREET FOOD Yes, street food. Who would have relate Bangkok to its street food? It will be a pity not to give a try to their street food, i have learnt my lesson so i am sharing with you here so you will not regret like i did. I began having a taste of the street food on my 3rd visit in the past 3 years, only to realise how delicious they can get.  THE GOOD Crepes Oh MY.... CREPES

You will understand why i particularly put this on the top list not that its in descending of ratings/likings, but this naturally would come to my mind first. Located just across …