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tiring day out

i went out for so long today, goodness, and the time passes so fast, we seem to have not enough shopping before its the best time to get home..
New Year's Eve and the crowd is all swarming towards Marina there now..We took an mrt to Raffles City Shooping Centre and immediatly rushed to have my much awaited lunch Out Of The Pan..It was pretty crowded at that time and we initially was askd to wait but it wasn't a long one. We did not sit close to the fountain, which is sad:( Anyways, Mum and i ordered 2 crepes to share, i realise many people also order one crepe each and exchanged with one another to sample different flavours. There was so many to choose from and i was totally in dilemma of what to choose leh. In the end, we ordered a claypot beancurd in wheat crepe and a seafood mayo in sun-dried tomatoes crepe.
The seafood one is the winner, maybe because of the very tasty citrus sauce and chilli mayo, plus the prawns were crunchy,hmm,yummy..Just the thought of it makes me drool…

Paragon shopping

Mum and i spent 1/2 a day at Paragon, at first we thought they may not have things for us to shop but in the end we still walked for so long. The first priority of us being there was actually to eat. We racky the basement and mum decided upon Din Tai Fung, since its the more affordable one amongst all the other food outlets namely Spaggheddies, Shimbashi Soba, Crystal Jade Palace etc. There were long queues at Din Tai Fung but we need not wait for very long since their service was fast. We ordered our food beforehand while waiting to be seated so that we do not have to wait very long after sitting down. The minute we settled at a small corner of the restaurant, our tea and most importantly the ginger arrived on our table. I then spotted the advertisement of new dishes and immediately added the red dates with glutinous rice appetiser. I thought the range of new dishes are only available at Raffles City Shopping Centre. It was a warm appetiser and tasted sweet and surprisely very delici…

2 yummy soups

Remember the soup I told you about?it was very delicious and the beans were so soft..Mmm..i’m gonna ask mama to cook again! I know it’s not very clear in the picture but you can see how it actually looks like after it is cooked, they become white, no spots of red anymore. The recipe is easy:
1/2 a chicken, peel the skins off
10 pods of beans
A handful of red dates
A few slices of ginger
½ a pot of boiling water
A tablespoon of soy sauce
1. Boil the water with the ginger slices.
2. Add in all the other ingredients and let it boil for about ½ an hour.
3. finally, add the soy sauce to taste.
4. put the soup in a thermal cooker if you have, to ensure the hotness and allow the ingredients to soften further.
That is really easy right? Another dish I tried that day was a dessert I invented. Also very yummy. I added many ingredients and they actually mixed together very well, sooo yeh !
Chapalang’ sweet soup

A handful of red dates
Some barley
Some green beans
2 indonesian sweet…

Rain rain go away...

has been raining the whole day, and i have been munching non-stop..Cooly days make you hungry very easily, so i eat and eat to keep myself warm. Steam rice cake to share with mama, i don't know why i like them so much, maybe cuz they are soft? can fill your stomach easily too!
Just had a sumptuous lunch cooked by the house chef MAMA! i always woof down her food and i think no one can beat her creativeness and swiftness in cooking. Even for the chilli, she insist on stone-beating them, it is very hard work you know. I try helping her since i'm here lor, tonite she is gonna cook a soup which i haven't tried before, it is with a kind of beans, red coloured shell. i helped her to peel this morning le.. I also request her to cook a dessert of green bean, mu-er, red dates, barley, sweet potatoes and bai guo( sorry, forgot the english name). Must be very delicious, can't wait to eat..yummy..Luckily i'm too full now,hehe..

Merry merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my dear readers and myself! This is the last day of this holiday which i think i will enjoy the most!
we "accidentally" step into Vivocity again..keke..we straight away pop into Carnivore for lunch, ooh, so hungry..Ready get set go!
I love buffets and this is the one-of-a-kind. There is this waiter who will go round the tables cutting meats onto your plate,for lunch today,we had fish, chicken drumstick,pepper sausage beef, honey ham, chicken wrapped with bacon, garlic bread and grilled pineapples. They were all very hot when served to us. I love the fish best, i had 4 pieces and 2 garlic breads which were so garlicky and crusty,and also many slices of pineapples until my mouth was so sore..
i also had many servings of food from the salad buffet, some mentionable ones are like the cheese bread( cute button like bread), cabbage soup with many ingredients, and the baked eggplant. i really had so much today that i couldn't move my heavy legs.
After walkin…

eve of the x'mas

was still planning for today's activities..tot today is x'mas and tmr x'mas eve,haha..wad a mistake..
uncle called and say wanted to come and visit us, then we realise that some shopping centres will still open today,so we all go vivocity together. Guess it's the first place that comes into people's mind nowadays before even realising it..
the first instinct when i reach there is to rackey the food outlets,that's my favourite sport i think, shopping with many food related places to to eat but often got bad demons circling in my mind telling me" those are the worst food for you, they will make you fat"haha..maybe not so much ever since i got lecturings from dad..aunt and i booked a place at Carnovore for their buffet lunch tomorrow oredi, ain;t we kiasu?but aren;t all singaporeans the same?heehee..nvm..
after that we decied to try out HK Kim Gary Restaurant at was very crowded and worse after our turn.Luckily we reach there earlier …

Rendezvous Straits Cafe

its the eve of the eve of x'mas today! and we had already gone for pre x'mas buffet twice oredi!including today of course! we went straits cafe at rendezvous hotel today. i think it was pretty worth it and i ate alot too, and enjoy myself too.
well. we were the first on the booking list somemmore, so kiasu right?yah..we always like that de..i was so hungry when we reach there, i had 2 bowls of soba noodles and tofu immediately. then proceed to gobble more food,hehe..i'm kinda piggy like when i eat at buffets so embarrassing you know.haha, all the waitresses must be thinking," this skinny girl can really eat hor.." haha..well, i love to eat mah..some dishes i recommend will be the durian cake( i had 4 slices or more, i can't remember), laksa, stewed prawns, baked pear dessert, all their cookies, mango and orange cake, orange honey cake, green tea mousse cake and hot dishes like the seafood with spinach etc..i tried cous cous for the first time too and its a spi…


I just went to Aquamarine @ MArina Mandarin Hotel for their pre-festive buffet dinner yesterday with my mama and gugu. At first sight of the buffet table, I was so excited and started my gobbling trail. Starting off with the seafood section, I had everything from prawns to mussels to crayfish, I did not realize that I took some uncooked seafood as well(meant for bbq). I ate them! How silly right?
There was small individual plates of liver pate and marinated squid which were yummy…the hot food section consist of cheese baked slipped lobster, stir fried crabs, fried rice, pork ribs and lamb leg too! Soup were cream of chicken and herbal chicken, both the Japanese section, there were chawanmushi, sashimi, soba, tempura and sushi. There were gado-gado, s’pore rojak plus all the other common salads and appetizers. I love the dessert section most as per normal, hehe.. got many tapas and whole cakes. I love the durian mousse cake, its so moist and duriany.haahaa..
This place is w…

Imperial Treasure

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday and we decided to eat something good but it’s up to her what she wants to eat after all. I suggested many places for her as I am the foodie info provider of the family, haha.. We decided that Takashimaya would be a good place to go since we couldn’t decide where to eat yet. But at the sight of the jam outside taka’s carpark, my dad drove us to Great World City where I know there is a Imperial Treasure Restaurant( featured in Mind Your Body yesterday).

Tada! And we settled into the dimly lit restaurant. Most tables were already occupied and we got a pretty good seat nevertheless. Our menus arrived but dad didn’t want to eat those recommended in the newspaper but wanted something hot. Hence, we ordered 3 dishes in claypot and 2 bowls of seafood soup in winter melon. I’m sorry that in the haste to eat, I forgot all about the photos! Sorry..

Back to the food, soup wasn’t hot enough, it would be tastier if they are steaming hot. The ingredients were not sel…

TungLok Signatures

Ever since Vivocity open in late October,i have started to be their regular customer, going there whenever i'm out of the house, seems like the only haunt right now.

I plan to try out as many restaurants and food there as possible, so far i've one food republic, kopitiam, Asian Kitchen, Sushi Tei, Corduroy Cafe, Pacific coffee company, Coffee Bean and the last TungLok Signatures which i went just yesterday!

Do you know that each time i go to Vivocity, a must eat is Food Republic's BAO JIN TIAN's Black sesame bun?I love black sesame and i crave for anything with black sesame, ah boling etc..BUT???a bao? wow, i was amazed by how tasty it was, the thin skin was filled fully with black sesame filling plus soe white sesame i spotted. One Huge Find..

Yesterday, i went Vivocity, eat partly,haha...saw TungLok's interior and look so high look at the menu, i ove it, all kinds of unique food i love to explore...soo..booked for dinner lor...then we went shop a …


Image i love corns, sweet potatoes and yams!funny rite?
simple food...but i can eat these everyday you know?

delicious...i steamed 3 japanese sweet potatoes, those with purple skin?they are not as sweet as the orange kind, but they are my latest craving, you can find them everywhere now...bought some mini yams on mooncake festival, steamed a few after skinning them, plus a corn..(on the left is half of it, the other is already in my stomach, hehe)

healthy yet yummy lunch..try them some day when you feel lie being a vegetarian!haha..not true:P

muffins day..

i'm sorry for not updating, i simplyy is quite buzy with school and all..
well, today,i'm in a good mood, hence, i happily went to taka to shop after my school..and guess what discovered? a stall selling fresh muffins baked on the spot at the foodhall!
my 1st instinct was to buy every single flavour, they look so delicious and cute. oh gosh, in the end i bought 5 flavours becuz its buy 4 get 1 free!one of each: mango, apple, citrus, banana and blueberry. i ate the apple one, there is icing and almond on top and ooh, so crispy and moist after i toast it in the oven for a while.
there, you see above? can see the parts that has apple juice,hmm..yummy..

horrifying buffet experience

i was at cafebiz at trader's hotel for brunch last saturday.i love buffets you see, but always ended up eating too full until i'm so uncomfortable and feel like vomiting.. good thing about buffet is :
1) you get to eat your fill
2) there's a wide variety and you can eat all courses of a meal
3) nobody cares how much you eat
4) you can gain weight( in this case applies to me)
5) you feel great!

haha, i know its lame..but believe me, these are what i think, cant believe i'm only 15 right? let me continue on my cafebiz buffet experience, i think it has one of the best buffet spread i've tried since i was crazy over them, has a good one too..cafebiz's brunch currently has tropical fruits too, have to add another 3 bucks to the original 35, we did not give it a try as we thought the 35 bucks is more than enough for us to eat..they have salads, rojak, sandwiches, salmon sashimi, sushi,loklok(raw food for you to cook in steamboat), self cook laksa, porridge wit…


toast toast toast..

ilove toast!

Dumpling Festival

Ooh..dumpling feast is about to start right? Yes! I get to help Mama this year. It is very tiring and time consumng too, so without my help, it will be very tough for her. My dumplings are not as nice of course, but at least i helped right? :)

Grandma's secret dumpling recipe! Ingredients: lean meat with some fats( cooked and cut into bits) winter melon(small cubes) chestnut mushrooms(small cubes) dried prawns( grind) lots of onion for fragrance( grind) pepper soy sauce 5 spice powder yan sui zi oil For rice: glutinous rice(soaked 3 hrs at least) garlic salt oil Steps: 1. fry onion in oil till fragrant, then add mushrooms, winter melon, chestnuts, and dried prawns. 2. Add soy sauce and lots of pepper, and continue stirring till frgrant and it is dark enough. 3. Pour in meat and coninue frying, adding soy sauce, 5 spice, pepper and yan sui zi. 4.when it is thoroughly cooked, remove into a bowl first. 5. For rice, fry garlic in oil, then pour in the rice. 6. Fry thoroughly till oily and look cooked. For wrap…

Buffet at M Hotel

I went with GuGu and Mama on Mother's Day to M hotel for buffet lunch. It was an international spread.
Well, there was quite a wide variety, there's pasta, prawn mee, sashimi, chocolate fountain, just to name a few. Of course, the food was tastier than i had expected. Plus, they have free flow of drinks too.. we had calamansi, grass jelly and ice lemon tea.I ate every single food there and had about 30 pieces of sashimi, plus a whole lot of fruits, cakes dipped in chocolate. Mmm..
making me hungry again, although i will not want to eat at the same place again, it's always more adventurous to try different places.

Battlefield Trip 2

i went labrador battery, kranji war memorial and ford motor factory.
i learned a lot from this trip which i had previously thought it would be boring and useless.
the soldiers, our forefathers, the innocents, they died for us.
they died for us to be here today, living comfortably without worries of war or hunger.
we are too complacent, and we should all take some time to think about these people who died for us during the war, how much they had suffered for us.
remember, without their sacrifice, we wont be here today.

Battlefield Trip


HaPpY Ves@k Dae!!

happy vesak!

my family and i went hill climbing at Bukit Timah early this morning then we went opp of Old Tiong Market, a family there will cook and allow us to enter their house to pray..we go there every year..they have fried bee hoon, curry veg, lotus bun, lohan zai, and their popiah is very crispy and fresh..they wrap it on the spot..its best eaten piping hot to ensure its crispiness..i ate a lot..with tea..

my sis was weird this morning..ate like a mouse. although she complained during hill climbing that her stomach was grumbling..she finished a teeny bit of beehoon and said she was full..sometimes she can eat eat 2 plates,plus 3 popiah..anw, she says she's on a diet..she isn't very fat anyway..tall,thats why she's quite heavy..4get about her! eat with her always not fun de..tell u more next time..

soo..i did not take the photo on the food this morning..cant see it!

well,remembered i was saying on the previous post that i was going to have packed dinner,guess what was it?…


wow! exams are finally over..
i'm so i can finally concentrate on my food explore!

been looking at some recipes to see if i can do anything..a simple dish that will turn out good perhaps?i'm seriously wondering if anyone has spotted my blog yet, cause i dun see any comments!so sadd..:(

hey, if you want any help in your kitchen, do let me know..i will consider!i'm an avid learner! if you got to know any food tasting, do tell me too!

i had kuay chap a few feeks ago near my house, it's opposite the petrol kiosk at yishun ring road..well, its not bad, i like the duck liver..haha..the chilli too is not bad..

going for my dinner now!wonder what good food dad will buy back?

Failed Cooking

i'm so sadd...
i tried to do some cooking last sunday, but i think it was pretty bad, my stir fry vege turned out so soggy and salty..i wanted to fry ice-ream but the flour wont stick at all and the icecream melted immediately in the hot oil and soon it was 'chao tah'
only my sandwiches turn out okay, as my sis complimented:), i think i should just remain at doing toasts, fried egg and steaming stuffs..maybe i can open a sandwich cafe next time, and i can think of innovative sandwiches!yess!
i did a simple menu too, but its only for the day.may change it now and then..
cannot really see the words, but arent they colourful?*clapp clapp*
<my exams are coming..but hope to update about food if i can..

DIning @ Sakae

hi again...
kinda happy i am updating it,means i'm a good gal, far,i dun noe if anyone has seen this..i mean my blog.. well,hope to gather all food bloggers,like some meals or getogether party for food lovers..or people may sponsor and interview us or smt?:P well..went to at The Atrium yesterday for lunch, or maybe tea?but it is a very filling tea,haha..had many sushi..oh and it was only the second day of their opening,so probably many of u dunno about it,here i am to let u noe! the waitress told us there is buffet too, but i dun feel like eating A LOT today so i rejected but promised to try, and i will!cuz i love eating nonstop,as much as i like!so tts y i love BUFFETS!View the photos in my album k cuz they are so big on the blog, it occupies the whole page,hehe..and i dunno how to minimize the size tts y...if u happen to noe, do tell me!
Today i had Tiong Bahru Pao, u guys should noe its good rite?i al…

1st Entry

hihi! I'm so excited I hope this entry will catch more readers!I will update mostly about my food experiences and probably I can upload some photos I took. . know about the orchard's hotel salmon and seafood buffet?on the left is mussels in wine saucethought it would be that fantastic but the spread was quite pitiful i should say,and the desserts are not up to standard, i had lunch by the way, and choc fountain wasnt even there. it was really not worth the 40 bucks i paid.very disappointing. i planned to +ry their porridge buffet but was fully booked when i called and ended up at riverview hotel's chinese restaurant for their ala-carte buffet-

their food were a mixture of good and bad, we ordered like 20 over dishes, and plus the dessert and soup buffet, we had a very filling dinner indeed. i should compliment their quick service in their serving of dishes. we ate like we havent eaten for ages!haha..

prawns in herbal …