I just went to Aquamarine @ MArina Mandarin Hotel for their pre-festive buffet dinner yesterday with my mama and gugu. At first sight of the buffet table, I was so excited and started my gobbling trail. Starting off with the seafood section, I had everything from prawns to mussels to crayfish, I did not realize that I took some uncooked seafood as well(meant for bbq). I ate them! How silly right?
There was small individual plates of liver pate and marinated squid which were yummy…the hot food section consist of cheese baked slipped lobster, stir fried crabs, fried rice, pork ribs and lamb leg too! Soup were cream of chicken and herbal chicken, both the Japanese section, there were chawanmushi, sashimi, soba, tempura and sushi. There were gado-gado, s’pore rojak plus all the other common salads and appetizers. I love the dessert section most as per normal, hehe.. got many tapas and whole cakes. I love the durian mousse cake, its so moist and duriany.haahaa..
This place is worth a visit because of both their food and embience. I will try to get the pictures really soon.


survivorfreek said…
yoyo hey, haven't seen ya in awhile! =) hope you're doing fine! ooh yeah, my number is 96306892 can msg me yea!

*lots of hugs*

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