Merry merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my dear readers and myself! This is the last day of this holiday which i think i will enjoy the most!
we "accidentally" step into Vivocity again..keke..we straight away pop into Carnivore for lunch, ooh, so hungry..Ready get set go!
I love buffets and this is the one-of-a-kind. There is this waiter who will go round the tables cutting meats onto your plate,for lunch today,we had fish, chicken drumstick,pepper sausage beef, honey ham, chicken wrapped with bacon, garlic bread and grilled pineapples. They were all very hot when served to us. I love the fish best, i had 4 pieces and 2 garlic breads which were so garlicky and crusty,and also many slices of pineapples until my mouth was so sore..
i also had many servings of food from the salad buffet, some mentionable ones are like the cheese bread( cute button like bread), cabbage soup with many ingredients, and the baked eggplant. i really had so much today that i couldn't move my heavy legs.
After walking around and buying some Christmas gifts,we decided to take the mrt home. But instead we stopped by Chinatown to shop! i think we are very adventurous,haha..we shopped at the shophouses around there then we bought 2 boxes of black sesame paste and 1 walnut paste from Mei Heong Yuen Dessert. Very popular leh, so crowded, they also sell bites like pumpkin cake and chestnut cake. Then we manage to flag a taxi home before the rain comes..


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