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Ristorante Bologna, An Italian Weekend

To celebrate my belated birthday, GUGU has generously treated me to a unique(to me at least) buffet lunch at Ristorante Bologna at Marina Mandarin Hotel. Sounds like a very imperial dining ground right? eXACTLY right! The hotel looks so grand the moment we entered through a miniscule door into it, i felt like entering a palace.HaHa..
I immediately asked for directions to the restaurant as we were a tad late and worrying a bit too much about they cancelling our reservation if we weren't prompt enough, as there were really too many people waiting impatiently to eat there.AS IF!HAHA..We were really too silly to even think about this, we were like the earliest and also the only table to be eating in there for the 1st hour. (well, an angmoh sat there eating by himself 1 hr later) I was amazed by their amiable and friendly service together with the high-class ambience, i felt too unfit to be there eating, seriously. The dessert buffet definitely looked appetising and tempting, lol..Oh, r…

LotsA fUn On Board StAR VirGo

salmon-main course on the 1st night,rather tough meat though..i din eat even 1/2.
dessert on day 1: warm apple strudel,looks good?there's a caramelise fruit slice which is very delicious too!i finished every bit of usual indulgence la=P

Got back from cruise y'day..had some fun there although it was a relatively short trip. Took some photos of the food i had at Bella Vista( the western restaurant) on the first night and didn't take any food photos afterwards cause too lazy to,i guess..i'll upload them soooner or later. Dining in free at Bella Vista, Pavillion and Mediterranean Buffet only. Others like Taj, Noble house gotta 'pay as u eat'XD

As usual, i'll eat like pig every meal, and like never eaten for years..went from restaurant to restaurant.haha. BBQ wasn't that fantastic after all, and it started drizzling 1 hr after it starts so we stopped eating. That evening later at Bella Vista- Warm Chocolate Puddding with chocolate syrup was the b…