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Craving for some tze char but sick of the usual sweet and sour pork, prawn paste chicken, fried kangkong?

Here's where you can try something different. Uniquely Sum Kee's dishes are what draws customers back again and again. My first visit to this chinese restaurant left an impression, good one indeed. Located at Yeo's Building, you might just miss it if you don't catch the big signboard along the main road. However, many regulars either drive or stay nearby so going to the restaurant is not too much a hassle. Parking is free and fits up to 50 cars.

The restaurant is surrounded by greenery and fresh seafood in tanks. I am not sure if they are reared or for the food,  either or, it creates an atmosphere of dining in a garden. Eating tzichar with beer? A hip place for a chinese restaurant, where having chinese tea would seem more appropriate. But not at Sum Kee, have your Carlsberg with their super addictive chicken dishes (further elaborated below).


Life is Beautiful

Life is full of ups and downs. You'd need to know when to eat good food and when to have simple meals just sufficient to fill your tummies. 
Life is Beautiful is hidden at a corner within duxton hill. Far cry from the usual loud pubs and al fresco seats outside of restaurants. This humble and cool looking restaurant somehow provides a welcoming feel for diners of all walks of life. Serving American cuisine, the place is filled with working class every evening. We heard there's DJ from Wednesday through Saturday after 10.30pm when the kitchen is closed. I can imagine the place being all high and hot to celebrate the weekends!!! Note that reservations online (CHOPE) can only be done for 6-8 pax and any other numbers, you may choose to book through phone. 
Patrons here seems to be regulars knowing what to order upon settling down.. However, as we were new to the place, we asked the waitress for recommendations and they were kind enough to share their specialties to us. The racks …

Marina South Curry House

If you can recall, Marina South used to have a famous curry stall within the coffee shop near the bowling alley and arcade. I went there when i was a kid, somewhere around the age of 7-8? Easily 15 years ago.. But i can still remember the strong flavours and spices which made me perspire profusely whenever i have it.  Feel like having a taste of this curry again? Marina South Curry House can assure a similar standard but of course at a premium price for the location, ambience and service.

Used to be called Nana Curry House, they have recently done a re-branding as there are too many Nana brands around which i have to agree. I would think all the Nanas come under the Mr Nana's company if nobody explained to me. And so, the intelligent business partners decided to re-name it to Marina South Curry House with an effort to bring out the same or even better flavours which the old Marina South Curry provided/ 
Located on the 3rd floor of 100am Shopping Mall, for those who has yet to been…