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Go Green, Eat GreenDot

If you feel that vegetarian food is bland, boring and feels like just eating flour, GreenDot is here to prove you wrong. Started by co-founders, Fu Yong Hong and Justin Chou, this start up began from a flagship stall in Temasek Polytechnic's Design School and went on to expand to Tanjong Katong Girls' School and finally, a more public appearance at Bedok Mall last November. Want to know what these pair of inspiring brothers has to offer? 
I used to work at their flagship stall at TP. I love all the food they serve and even takeaway leftovers home sometimes! The first time i ate GreenDot's food was the bento sets ( see 2nd pic) at my NUS camp and they only do delivery and catering back then. I fell in love with it. And since i do not want to waste food, i had 7 packets of it! ( without the rice of course ) but still a lot right! Huge fan as you can tell by now. Okay enough of stories, let's move on to the food!

First up will be the Laksa which C loves it so much! Me too …

Guide to Taiwan's Best Foods ( Part 1)

Besides Singapore, lots of people also swarm to Taiwan for its irresistible food. Night markets is something not to be missed when you're in this food haven. Need to queue for a papaya milkshake or a black pepper biscuit??? That for sure is a must-eat!

Having been to Taipei for the 4th time and Kaoshiung for the 2nd time, i shall share with you guys about some of the amazing food you have to indulge in if you are there for the first time not knowing what to eat.

Taipei Top 3 Night Markets 1. Shilin Night MarketGo for the Prince Cheese Potato (起士马铃薯)with a variety of toppings. It is located on the left of NET ( a retail store) diagonally across Jiantan MRT Station. We tried this for the first time after walking one huge round and the maze within the night market and realised we did walk past the cheese potato stall and did not notice it! Queue and they will take your orders shortly while you continue to wait patiently for your food. There's some tables inside to accomodate small…