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If you feel that vegetarian food is bland, boring and feels like just eating flour, GreenDot is here to prove you wrong. Started by co-founders, Fu Yong Hong and Justin Chou, this start up began from a flagship stall in Temasek Polytechnic's Design School and went on to expand to Tanjong Katong Girls' School and finally, a more public appearance at Bedok Mall last November. Want to know what these pair of inspiring brothers has to offer? 

Hello handsome GreenDot co-founder and my friends (:
I used to work at their flagship stall at TP. I love all the food they serve and even takeaway leftovers home sometimes! The first time i ate GreenDot's food was the bento sets ( see 2nd pic) at my NUS camp and they only do delivery and catering back then. I fell in love with it. And since i do not want to waste food, i had 7 packets of it! ( without the rice of course ) but still a lot right! Huge fan as you can tell by now. Okay enough of stories, let's move on to the food!

First up will be the Laksa which C loves it so much! Me too actually, but i was really too full from our previous meal that we only managed to share one. Nevertheless, the gravy was thick and very tasty despite no seafood or meat used to brew this quality soup base. You get to choose either the fat yellow noodles or the thick noodles, we got a mixture. There's some gluten fish balls and tau pok in there. To be honest, without them will be fine too! Healthier choice of laksa for the calorie-conscious!

The bento sets are categorized into several colour zones and they are to differentiate the types of ingredients that goes with your rice. You might like to check with the friendly helpers or the boss to find out which of those suits your diet best. Must tries are the soya fish, mutton curry and the konnyaku dishes. Brown rice is available. So far, i have yet to taste anything that is bland. One thing i must comment is that the dishes are all cooked ala-minute. Either of the co-founders will do the cooking at the spot. You will have the honour to watch these young and talented cooks hard at work while gobbling down their guilt-free food :) Love the dried chilli they have at the counters, do top some on your food if you prefer them spicy!
Our self-created bento set 
There are three types of sauces for the burgers namely, black pepper, tomato and herbs, mayo & yogurt. I've tried the latter two. If you ask me, tomato & herbs is definitely a must-try when you're there. Some says better than Macdonalds, Mos Burger or Carls Jr. Depends what you see in a good burger :D For me, i think their standards for a meat-free meal definitely win the rest of the carnivorous competitors hands down. Look at that sauce spilling out of the burger, they're really generous. Ask for extra gravy and they will be more than happy to accede to your request!

Soya burger with tomato and herbs sauce
Now that they have ventured into malls, i think it's also time to expand beyond the east side of Singapore. Really look forward to what these innovative founders are up to! 

Hence, I'm definitely going back for more, it's never enough at GreenDot. 

Prices here ranges from $5 - $8 per set meal. Have a go at the mango pudding if you are craving for something sweet.

Location: #B2-27, 311 New Upper Changi Road, Bedok Mall

Contact: 67024139
Opening Hours: Daily 11.00am-10.00pm 


Anonymous said…
the mushroom soup is also to diefor - Jiten

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