People's Park Complex hidden treasures

I know it can be frustrating if you can't make up your mind between the three roasted meat stalls and four other dim sum stalls. They all look the same but you know surely one of those stalls is the famous one which your grandparents and parents grew up eating. 

Today, I'd introduce to you one of the best dimsum and roast meats non-restaurant style, together with some new findings in the current People's Park Complex. 
It has been a long while since I last wowed at the dimsum before me. The stall only displays a pathetic number of dishes in the glass cabinet as compared to Ho Kee which display a wide myriad of choices. Yet... 道记(Chop Hean Kuan)'s dimsums sells like hot cakes. The price range is not large, cheapest at 90c for items like the ugly looking yet tempting siew mai, egg tarts and 韭菜角, the most expensive item is 2 bucks for the 糯米鸡. The mini char siew bao was heaven. I seldom fancy this because it feels  often feels like eating marinated card board. But trust me, after a bite of this char siew bao, you'd fall in love with it right away. The big chunky red char siew in the not overly heavy sweet sauce bought my heart over. Never knew inside the small and simple looking bun can hide such yummy treasures. We also had the ready fried 韭菜角, it isn't like the average fried dumpling. It is able to retain the juicy pork meat filling in the deep fried skin which made me gobbled up within seconds. Also had the egg tart, though not warmed, was exceptionally good too!

Egg Tart (90c)

Charsiew Bao (90c)

The roast meat stall just beside is also a 道记. But just selling a different line of food. They are famous for their roasted pork belly, roasted pork ribs and of course the roast duck selling at $40 for one whole duck. Apart from their meat, they also have soups and vegetables to go alongside your high protein meal. The best part about 道记 is none other than their chili. Across their stalls, the consistency comes from their chili and definitely also the standard of their food.  I must say that they really live up to their name. The juicy roast meats were so good eaten on its own even without the special sauce. Where else have you ever tried roast meats with soy beans? Only at 道记. :) If you like your duck heads, theirs are whilst stock last so better ask early. 
1/4 Roasted Duck ($10) ~~~oomph so gooooooooood
Don't mind queuing an hour for a bowl of soup with four kinds of ingredients? Always having a hard time deciding your choice of ingredients to go into your yong tau fu? Fancy having your yong tau fu without noodles or rice? U have gotta try 永祥兴豆腐 at People's Park hawker centre. Unlike the previous two stalls introduced, this one is located inside so you have gotta stop hanging around outside. Look out for the longest queue. Here you go! I felt that the standard has gone down by a bit over the period of time I have been eating it which I can safely say at least half my life time. So if you know my age, bingo! It's been long. For takeaways they'd kindly separate the soup and the ingredients for you. In the soup, there will be some soy beans left drifting around in the soup. Their chili is not too spicy but the chalky chilli is definitely self made and the sweet sauce both taste slightly different from the normal yong tau fu stalls. Simple but nice and delicious especially on a rainy day...

One of the oldest pastry stalls around but still reinventing new food to tempt the younger crowd. Lau Chong Kee Mini Pte Ltd sells freshly baked traditional cookies and pastries as well as the hot favorite custard buns/pies. For the faint hearted, these might be come across as being too heavy but you really have to try before judging. The custard bun was less sweet than I thought but filled with a generous blop of custard within the soft bun baked to perfection. I grew up eating the Ji dan gao which has plain as well as red bean types and that I strongly recommend :)))

As promised, I shall share with you some of my new findings. Tried and tasted before I decided to comment in my blog :))) 

Those of you who have been there recently would have noticed the whole stretch of Chinese owned hawker stalls. Selling everything from Mala fragrant pot (麻辣香锅) which is a dish cooked with your choice of spiciness with your selection of ingredients. I started to like this when I was in China, but having it here definitely settles for my cravings when I miss my times in Shanghai. That day we had spicy chicken (辣子🐔) which had so many peppercorns and dried chilli you can hardly find the small chunks of chicken. We also had a (烤鱼) fried fish soaked in mala hotpot. It's really hot and spicy. I perspired so much I felt like I was eating in a sauna. 
Spicy Chicken (辣子鸡) 
Hotpot whole fish (烤鱼)
Bunnies sells the bakery type of buns in six but much smaller in size. For six mini buns, you pay about $1.30-$2. They're baked fresh from the oven as the turnover rate is pretty high. There's a variety of flavours to choose from, savory and sweet. Ranging from cheese to ham, red bean and peanut. I think the peanut bun filled with loose sugar peanuts is really unique because you don't get it at neighborhood bakeries and is really soft and chewy. Don't miss this hidden stall near CoCo milk tea shop, which I was super delighted to find as it satisfied my daily craving for bubble tea in Shanghai last year..

Freshly baked bread..YumYum...

More awesome foodies coming your wayyyyyyyy~~~


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