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Lei GArden

Celebrated my gugu's birthday there..kinda hope they will give some birthday treats for her too but guess the overwhelming crowd kept the waitresses busy enough. We went to the one at CHIJMES for the lunch..we were the earliest and took some photos at CHIJMES too!
After browsing the menu, we ordered some dim sums and a crab vermicelli in clay pot because birthday girl must eat some kind of noodles mah..the dim sums were not bad as they come piping hot and the ingredients were fresh. i especially love the fried shredded yam and pumpkin as it was very crispy and not too oily. the clay pot was not bad either, the crabs were quite fleshy and the vermicelli with green onions and ginger slices was very aromatic but a bit too oily i would say. Haven eaten enough, so ordered more dim sums, charsiew bao, and xiao long bao..then along came a waitress with a plate of deep fried sesame ball with lotus paste, both gugu and my favourite o just agreed to have it although we know it will be a cold…

Qing Ming Jie

A day with much huzzle and buzzle
Rows of vehicles parked (sometimes)illegally along roadsides
Lugging fruits, golden money, kuehs and favourite foods of their ancestors
Despite and scotching sun and drizzling , everyone was sincerely praying

The temple at Sengkang was already packed by the time we reached there. without much further ado, we went to display our items in front of the ancestors and then prayed for good health, studies etc..
After the buzying around, we had our much awaited vegetarian meal for free at a corner of the temple. It was tough to find seats as the place was packed with hungry people. we had some soya milk which was thick with flavour and soothing to our stomach indeed. Dad found a seat and we hurried to queue for our food. I had the porridge first because it looks so hot and tasty. I was right, there were taukua, yam, peanuts and mushrooms in the oily but delicious porridge. Then, i rushed to take the curry vegetables and fried beehoon the moment they arrived pipin…