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If you have been to South Korea, this is one food that you should never miss out! But if you really did miss eating this in S.Korea, here's your chance to try it! With over 100 outlets in Korea, this famous chicken glabi restaurant has finally opened its first outlet at Bugis Junction. When i was in Seoul, i will surely make it a point to visit their 2 restaurants in Myeongdong a few times for my galbi! 
Galbi refers to many ingredients cooked together with meats in a ganjang-based sauce and fry together in a grilled pan. 
What i love about this restaurant is that the salads, pickles and kimchi is free for all! What is better than helping yourself with bottomless amounts of kimchi to go with your sinful meat BBQ dish?

The seafood pancake is by far the best i have tried amongst all the korean restaurants in Singapore. Usually, it is either too much flour and selfish amount of ingredients or the whole thing jus…

W39 Casual Dining

Whether you are in for some awesome Eggs Ben or just a cuppa coffee and cakes, W39 is one place you have to try for sure. It is not at a very convenient location but surely not hard to find as well. Several buses goes there but if you ask me, frankly taking bus 78 from Clementi Station and alight after 3 stops is not that tough.

J and i alighted one stop early and had to take the AYE route towards Jalan Mas Puteh. Luckily the sun was almost setting and not too humid to take a stroll the the cafe. We reached slightly late but they still greeted us warmly and seated us at our table with this little note (below) :) Such a simple yet sweet gesture.

Menu is pretty straight forward with some salads, tapas and sides for the appetizers, main courses and followed by drinks. J and i got ourself a Baked Caeser Salad to start and ordered the Spatchcock which is said to take 30 minutes to serve, which was just nice as we awaited for C's arrival. For drinks, i had a Cafe Mocha because they cla…

Gourmet Local Cuisine @ Island Cafe

If you are a frequent shopper at Tangs Orchard, you would have walked past the humble looking cafe at the far end of Level 4 @ Tangs Plaza. Its prime location often leaves tired shoppers without a choice but to rest their limbs and tuck into some local favourites.

Upon entering the cafe, i was greeted by warm and friendly waiters who immediately ushered us to our preferred table. As all the window seats were taken, we could only choose the second best. Water here is free so it surely made up for the slightly steep prices offered at Island Cafe. As it was our first visit, our roaming eyes helped us to make a decision what seems to be popular amongst diners. We also seeked the advice from the waitress who took our orders.

Tauhu Telor is a must-eat here. Although i must admit paying three times of any malay stall's Tauhu Telor can be quite foolish, but after taking your first bite, you will want to understand why i am strongly encouraging you to try this. Unlike the usual w…

Good Year Seafood Village

Tzechar stalls are everywhere but are they really value for money? Dinner with family on weekends can be such a headache. For those who drives, a trip to Good Year Seafood Village is definitely worthwhile.

We discovered this place a few weeks ago when I chanced upon a Google search 'bak kut teh in the East'. If that's also something you're wondering about, you're reading the right post..

Located nearby some temples, this place isn't somewhere you would want to go if you're intending to take public transport. Its at the industrial area so you can imagine somewhere like Changi Business Park. No life species on a weekend for sure.

They have indoor and outdoor seating but I strongly recommend you to take the outdoor seats. Its surely more comfortable and peaceful than indoors except for the air con which isn't very strong anyway.

Let's move on to the food I know you can't wait.
THE GOOD Ever tried assorted tempura fried mushrooms with greens at a tz…

Strangers Reunion - A perfect place to meet strangers without feeling strange

Planning to introduce some of your friends to each other and yet cannot decide on a suitable place? Or just craving for a cuppa good coffee with warm waffles on a boring Sunday afternoon.. Or simply a dinner with family. Strangers Reunion has got something to offer for any occasions.

I was there on a Sunday evening at around 7.30pm, although it was crowded, they managed to give us a rather big table for the 5 of us. They said booking was not available when i actually made a reservation. Perhaps the staffs were not too sufficiently trained. Service staff were quite limited but they were attentive enough to allow us to catch their attention when we needed their assistance. Apparently their head barista was not around to make beautiful coffee arts for our hot drinks. They suggested for us to come on weekday afternoons so that we can also catch their brunch which ends by 5pm.

SO anyway, the coffee here are supposed to be good and i have been checking out their posts on instagram. However…