Strangers Reunion - A perfect place to meet strangers without feeling strange

Planning to introduce some of your friends to each other and yet cannot decide on a suitable place? Or just craving for a cuppa good coffee with warm waffles on a boring Sunday afternoon.. Or simply a dinner with family. Strangers Reunion has got something to offer for any occasions.

I was there on a Sunday evening at around 7.30pm, although it was crowded, they managed to give us a rather big table for the 5 of us. They said booking was not available when i actually made a reservation. Perhaps the staffs were not too sufficiently trained. Service staff were quite limited but they were attentive enough to allow us to catch their attention when we needed their assistance. Apparently their head barista was not around to make beautiful coffee arts for our hot drinks. They suggested for us to come on weekday afternoons so that we can also catch their brunch which ends by 5pm.

SO anyway, the coffee here are supposed to be good and i have been checking out their posts on instagram. However, that day's coffee art disappointed me as it was my first cafe that i look forward to their coffee. Nevertheless, my hot chocolate was thick and chocolatey without being overly done. Though it became iced chocolate shortly...


Truffled oil sweet potato fries? Are you fainting? Yes i am... even though i just had it a couple of hours back. It looks a bit like thinly sliced carrot but really yummy after i had my first chip. Dip it in the truffle oil mayo and you will know why i fell in love with it at my first bite. It was that kind of 'high'-ness you get from food and i believe it was because i dipped too much of the oil. The chips are not too oily with gave it a very light and healthy feeling.

Not to mention how crispy the lotus root chips would be. I have always loved vegetable chips but never had them with pineapple tomato salsa and spicy aioli. It did not occur to me that the sauce was at all spicy but it did seemed red. To be very honest, i think it would have been better if some spices were added to the lotus root before frying. Perhaps some turmeric powder or something. Just a suggestion because the sweet and sour combination of the sauces given were already a winner.

I think the Truffle Oil Salmon with truffled mashed potato was delish too (below). Although i only had a small bite of it, i could see that the salmon retained it's freshness within the light pastry covering it. The commendable part was the mashed potato drizzled with truffle. It was such a pleasant surprise actually coz i did not expect the truffle taste to be so heavy and the mashed potato was one of the creamiest i ever tried. I wonder if they sell the mashed potato as a side on its own, i will definitely order it.

YC had this mushroom with bacon pasta aglio olio (below). It was quite spicy but i thought the dose of garlic and chilli padi helped to spice up the dish. I like the juicy and generous amounts of mushroom tossed in the spaghetti. Can't help it but to steal a mouth to try! Definitely a favourite if you love your Muo Gus.

You have gotta try the Feta Pumpkin Salad (below). The generous portion of pumpkin is bound to fill you up even if you are starving. There were rocket leaves and pumpkin seeds to add crunch. The pumpkin used was the japanese dark green skin kind which was sweet and not overcooked. I wish the pumpkin soup was still around.


I had a bite of the cheese-filled chicken cordon bleu. I am never a fan of it but the sauce drizzled over the chicken was marvelous. And the portion was reasonable, similarly for all the other dishes. The cheese was gooey and complements well with the tender chicken. Served with some salads on the side, this is actually not too heavy and suitable for the ladies.

My pasta was quite normal. Towards the creamy side, the sausage was fat and juicy. I like it though, but felt that it was a bit plain for $20. But i would not recommend this pasta if you want something more adventurous.

My carbonara with truffle, edamame and sausage
The spam fries (below) was quite a winner but believe we can make them easily at home.. There was mayonnaise that comes with it but i dipped the spam fries in the cordon bleu gravy and it really suits. Can get quite jelat after a few pieces of the spam. Best served hot.

We then head next door for their waffles! Waffles Slayer, i heard are under the same boss. So we paid at Strangers Reunion and scrambled next door before it is too late. Both places close at 10pm which gives us ample time to decide what to have. Everything on that simple menu looks fabulous. They even have the savoury kind of squid ink pasta. That might just be my main course if i am going there again.

Maple Banana Crunch
The two waffles we had are the banana maple crunch and the red velvet. I like the Red Velvet because the waffles are crispy and lighter than the normal plain waffles. We finished the two waffles in a track record of less than 5 minutes. They're rather light and chewy at the same time, without being too airy so it was nice.

Red Velvet Waffle
I wouldn't mind going again for their brunch which ends by 5pm everyday! And perhaps i would head over to Waffle Slayer for some savoury squid ink waffles ^^

Strangers' Reunion

37 Kampong Bahru Rd, 169356
6222 4869

Opens everyday: 9am - 10pm


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