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Bugis Food and Drinks

I don't think anyone of us would need help with a night out on a Friday in Singapore. There's plenty of places to go and just so much to eat and drink. 
Me being a workaholic hasn't been going around much. Hence, today was a rare occasion when I actually stepped out of office and have my fill of TGIF! 
First stop: Creation Cafe at Shaw Tower
Not too far away from the famous Ah Loy Thai and Tom's Palette, this cafe serves really affordable and mouthwatering dishes. Imagine your typical spaghetti in sauces such as Java Curry and Laksa cream of even Thai Curry. Do they not have sounded delicious already? They simply play around the ingredients with the type of sauces so you get like a whole list of pasta choices. Complete your meal with 3 bucks for a soup and a drink or 6 bucks for soup, drink and dessert choice of apple crumble and brownie (served with a scoop of ice cream) 

Just so you know, there are four choices of pasta type for you to choose from too!  I fell in love wit…