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It's been a while since I last posted, I know that.. Being involved in so much drama in life and work has been a tough run too. I will still do my due diligence to get my blog back to life, at least a little livelier.

I think most of us have troubles deciding what to eat when we are in orchard/somerset area because everywhere is so crowded and food are average. Let me just share with all of you the French places I happened to dine in a couple of days back.

First outlet opened at Purvis Street several years back and has been drawing a large crowd, mostly youngsters, who cannot simply afford a fine dining concept restaurant for French food. This unassuming restaurant is opened by a church-goer, who happens to be a friend of my cousin. He started this affordable French restaurant serving mostly French/ Fusion cuisine. Looking at the menu, you will noticed that the prices are indeed on the low side. Expect long queues past 6pm at both Far East Plaza and Purvis Street. They use…