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Jimoto-Ya (Singapore)

Sometimes, i wished there isn't so many new restaurants sprouting around our tiny island everyday (pocket is bleeding), but at times, i am exhilarated especially when something like Jimoto-Ya is in town!
Thanks to one of Jimoto-Ya's sake supplier who strongly recommended the place, that i had to try it right away. And in a week, there goes 2 meals at Jimoto-Ya.
I was there on a weekday afternoon and a weekend night respectively. Both experience were unique on its own yet similar in the right points. 
Lunch and dinner menu are the same at the moment with ramen and rice sets taking the limelight. For lunch, i shared the above 3 sets with my 2 girlfriends who were as delighted as me to eat them the second the food was served. The smell of amaebi boiled for hours alleviating from the soup made it even more irresistible. The choices were decided with the help of the boss, Sean, who patiently went through their specialties with the newbies in his restaurant. 
My favourite goes to t…