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Menya Musashi

The first time I walked past this pretty new restaurant at Ion Orchard was a few months back and I loved it. That's the way food should be served, additional portions of carbo for FREE! But vice versa for lesser portions. I believe in this way, it can boost the revenue of the restaurant for it is able to cater to both small, average, big eaters!

They have one dish ( choose from 2 types of meat) which I was able to have triple, x4 or x5 of the original portion at no cost. I wanted x4 but they stopped me, and luckily the greedy me was obedient enough to heed the advice.

We can choose from 3 different types of soup, white ( which I suppose is the normal soup base, red which I think is spicy, black which is like dark soy sauce). The dipping of dry ramen in the soup is called tsukkeman and I really enjoy it!

They have many sides from us to choose from and gyoza is surprisingly good!

The price is average and do expect a long queue at this new concept ramen chain. There's a new o…

Brunch @ Hummerstons

So many brunch places are emerging all over Singapore now. For those who love Cafe Hopping, you'll find yourself having an endless list of places to go..

C and I are planning our pig out sessions really well and have just gone for our 2nd brunch trip-HUMMERSTONS! Heard so much about it, but I kinda forgot which is their specialty so I ordered The Hummerstons Breakfast. Do all food with the restaurant's name in it signifies that it's their specialty? I was eager to figure that out!

Our food came pretty fast partly because we were the first table there which ordered food. My Hummerstons. Breakfast($24) was quite big a portion and C's Eggs Sardou($24) looks really appetizing! The mushroom and spinach cream sauce base makes me drool. We shared our eggs coz I ordered scrambled and C had poached eggs on artichokes. The first taste of the artichoke we had no idea what it was, the taste between potato and onion but I finally concluded it was artichoke after I almost finished…

Dinner perks by

Sometimes purchasing 1 for 1 groupon vouchers is good because it allows you to eat your fill without having to force food down your throat and regret all over again coz you just paid an exorbitant amount of money for the meal. Nevertheless, paying half the price for a hotel's lounge buffet is still very much worth the money.

Especially when you're dining with a big group of people say, relatives and extended relatives and a class of friends during a meet up, buffet never goes wrong.

Here's my indulgence in Orchard Hotel's buffet dinner yesterday...

The roast pork which is sliced upon told to the chef is marvelous, the best thing is that the chefs there are so nice to ask if I would like the crispy skin and my heart thumped with joy. It's even warm when you bite it, it's not oily or too saltish so it's good with beer! ( which some tables really do have it with their meals)

The other foods are average with the best rating given to the Indian section. I…

Malaysian Food Street aka MFS

After working at RWS for almost 2 months, i have only dined in Resorts once so far and that is all thanks to N who has kindly invited me for a stayover with her family at Hard Rock Hotel. 

Dinner was at MFS as we thought it is one of the more affordable places around and we have not tried it before. Ordered a couple of dishes to share amongst the 6 of us ( including one baby boy ). Each dish cost between $5-$10 and the portions are not as big as the picture seems to depict. However, i would say that for the ambience and taste, it is perfectly fine to pay for such a price once in a while.
I ordered the KL Hokkien Mee as i have always loved that  dish ever since i went KL and had it long ago. Been missing it so much and trying to find out where in SG i can have it. It was quite tasty but i would have enjoyed it should the portion be slightly bigger and with more lards added on top of it. 
Surprisingly, i fell in love with the Prawn Mee which was a tad spicy and the soup was very sweet a…


I suddenly felt the urge to share about my chocolate adventures. I had the Chocolate almond tart watching the Channel 8 food show last night. First time going to Rochester Mall! But it was fully occupied, i guess everyone else was like us, so eager to try this featured outlet. We shared this super dense chocolate tart, and the crunchy almonds on top was a perfect match to this lovely tart...

My all time favourite cheesecake is from Alan Bakes but it recently closed down due to the fact that it's cheesecake only receives response from regulars. Very sad because my aunt has ordered whole cheesecakes from him for at least 5 times ever since we first tried the cake at its shop. One of the best cheesecake around and i have yet to find a replacement for this yet. :(
The chocolate fudge cake from Marmalade Pantry is my all time favorite, i have ever eaten one on my own before because it is really addictive! I love the fact that fudge cakes always don't disappoint because they are usual…