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A Day Of Fun-Filled Activities!!!

I was really lucky to be a winner in the Straits Times Food Tour Programme organised by Wong Ah Yoke( a food critic and writer) and HSBC being the sponsor. From what i heard, there are more than 5000 entries but only the lucky 10 were picked! And i am one of them! haha..

Every winner would have to bring one partner to the food tour and GuGu came with me! How fun to be in this with GuGu!

On 12 noon of the 15th Nov, GuGu and i reached the reception of SPH News Centre, awaiting there eagerly with other lucky winners to start the day altogether! We got a shirt each which was quite a bonus and in fact the tee was quite nice. A director gave a head start and i was told that i am the youngest winner of this lucky draw. I suddenly became the limelight of the event!
After taking a photo in front of the specially designed bus to suit the occasion, we were ready to head off to our 1st destination!

As told, a photographer and a reporter( Evonne) would be following us throughout the day and may interv…

Soo Lonng..

Gosh, its been so long since i last posted right? u guys must be missing me so much am i right? hmm..i ate so much nice food recently that i don't know where to begin about fantastic food, why is it always BUFFET that comes into my mind? i wonder...
So much buffet makes me fat! Nah.. actually i can still put on la, so it's fine, but isn't it too much? welll.. guess i'm just a typical singaporean lor..i really am bloated now..

i went Peony-Jade Restaurant 2x already..and ate the ala-carte buffet, lunch once and dinner once. Food is the same, service is good, ambience perfect. haha.. Can try, worth the money. $28++ for lunch and $38++ for dinner. There are 6 dishes which we can only eat once namely Shark's fins soup, Crab fried with salted egg yolk and potato, deep fried scallop , BBQ pork ribs, steamed cod fish and Beijing Duck wrapped in crepe. Like i say, quality food. Eating all this is worth it already, plus all the rest( unlimited servings) such …

No timmeee

i'm sooo time to update my blog and i dunno what i should update about now..
except that i went to cruise last week of course..Star Aquarius..And i ate a lot..i hope it's interesting enough?Basically there are 4 restaurants that you can dine in for free..and a few others which you've got to pay as you eat.haha..
3 are buffet styles and only one chinese restaurant which serves chinese set lunches and dinner and also western set dinner. Let me go deeper into details what i ate since day 1 which is the friday 2 weeks ago..which is 15th June..(refresh memory...)
Day 1..Our first meal was lunch and we chose to have chinese set meal because we thought of trying that first. The set includes quite a lot of things like pork, vegetables and sotong ball in some kind of sweet syrup and fried shrimp. I did not exactly like them and there is too much gravy on most dishes. However, what fantasize me which is different from Star Virgo is that they have an additional buffet section…

Get A T@stE of TheIr F00d=)

Man Fu Yuan is no simple Chinese restaurant, it is reputable for their lunch dimsum. However, the rest if their menu never fails to satisfy its customers. I applaud its superb range of authentic and delicate Cantonese cuisine.
We've been there once and the reason for returning means that their food are really a catch. I think that the price is rather reasonable, given that it is located within a five star hotel( ie Intercontinental Hotel) I remembered trying their per portion fish dishes which were quite unique. But this time round we ended up ordering the big portioned ones to share as there are quite a number of dishes which tempted us. Let me introduce the dishes one by one...

Claypot Braised perched fillet with brinjal and whole garlic- One of the favourites of mama gugu and i! This dish is best eaten with rice, as the sauce is really tasty and the brinjal was very soft while the garlic doesn't taste a bit 'garlicky'. The cubes of fillet were very soft and almost m…

Ristorante Bologna, An Italian Weekend

To celebrate my belated birthday, GUGU has generously treated me to a unique(to me at least) buffet lunch at Ristorante Bologna at Marina Mandarin Hotel. Sounds like a very imperial dining ground right? eXACTLY right! The hotel looks so grand the moment we entered through a miniscule door into it, i felt like entering a palace.HaHa..
I immediately asked for directions to the restaurant as we were a tad late and worrying a bit too much about they cancelling our reservation if we weren't prompt enough, as there were really too many people waiting impatiently to eat there.AS IF!HAHA..We were really too silly to even think about this, we were like the earliest and also the only table to be eating in there for the 1st hour. (well, an angmoh sat there eating by himself 1 hr later) I was amazed by their amiable and friendly service together with the high-class ambience, i felt too unfit to be there eating, seriously. The dessert buffet definitely looked appetising and tempting, lol..Oh, r…

LotsA fUn On Board StAR VirGo

salmon-main course on the 1st night,rather tough meat though..i din eat even 1/2.
dessert on day 1: warm apple strudel,looks good?there's a caramelise fruit slice which is very delicious too!i finished every bit of usual indulgence la=P

Got back from cruise y'day..had some fun there although it was a relatively short trip. Took some photos of the food i had at Bella Vista( the western restaurant) on the first night and didn't take any food photos afterwards cause too lazy to,i guess..i'll upload them soooner or later. Dining in free at Bella Vista, Pavillion and Mediterranean Buffet only. Others like Taj, Noble house gotta 'pay as u eat'XD

As usual, i'll eat like pig every meal, and like never eaten for years..went from restaurant to restaurant.haha. BBQ wasn't that fantastic after all, and it started drizzling 1 hr after it starts so we stopped eating. That evening later at Bella Vista- Warm Chocolate Puddding with chocolate syrup was the b…


Gosh, i haven't blog for soooo extremely looong! Too busy once school starts. It seems like only yesterday that i was in CGS and now i've spent almost 2 months in my dream Junior College aka ACJC!
I simply can't define how happy i've been so far in AC. The people there are really very nice to me. I have so many friends! I feel wanted now,haha.Last time used to dread school but no so now! Today was the last day orientation 02 to welcome the 2nd intake students. Did not play a lot of dirty games this time. And today we were quite lucky cuz we won all the games which we played! Yippee!
Anyway, of those who were originally in my OG,a few did not make it back to AC and a few got in through appeal. Lucky and Unlucky them,hahaha.
We danced a lot today! Especially we girls are super enthusiastic today,don't know why. I finally got the hang of both the mass dances!
We went my OGL's condo for OG outing.haha..ate canadian pizza..Sucks really bad..hohoho..
Campfire begins at th…

Teochew CIty Restaurant @ Centrepoint

Sounds familiar? Yes, this popular chinese restaurant has been around for quite some time as far as i know. However, this is only my first visit. Gugu went there with her colleagues when she used to work in Singtel at Killiney Road. Andshe claims that the food there were deliciously good and dared me to give it a try no matter what. By the time we were there which is around 11.30am, a few tables were already occupied and a table had even finished their meal already. I deduced that it opens at 11am.
The decorations and ambience were nothing fantastic as they were typical of a chinese restaurant. A quick browse at the dim sum menu made my heartbeat faster. I was indeed fascinated and enticed by their dimsum spread. Though not many but a few were quite unique such as the deep friedyam with almond flakes. It was not a disappointment at all! I love it totally! The yam ball was covered with almond flakes all over and fried til golden brown and cripsy. Yummy..i had a total of 2 out of 3! Ate …