No timmeee

i'm sooo time to update my blog and i dunno what i should update about now..
except that i went to cruise last week of course..Star Aquarius..And i ate a lot..i hope it's interesting enough?Basically there are 4 restaurants that you can dine in for free..and a few others which you've got to pay as you eat.haha..
3 are buffet styles and only one chinese restaurant which serves chinese set lunches and dinner and also western set dinner. Let me go deeper into details what i ate since day 1 which is the friday 2 weeks ago..which is 15th June..(refresh memory...)
Day 1..Our first meal was lunch and we chose to have chinese set meal because we thought of trying that first. The set includes quite a lot of things like pork, vegetables and sotong ball in some kind of sweet syrup and fried shrimp. I did not exactly like them and there is too much gravy on most dishes. However, what fantasize me which is different from Star Virgo is that they have an additional buffet section as well. The buffet table includes a savoury porridge, hot dessert, cakes, fruits and nonya kuehs. I love this part best and i'd always chiong there before the main courses to check out what is interesting and unique for the day.
Before dinner, we had hi-tea at Mariners Buffet(which serves indian vegetarian buffet for lunch and dinner usually). The variety was pretty good and many people ate. There were fried seafood rice, spring roll,sandwiches,varieties of cakes and there was this cupcake which was actually warm when i initially had it..Not bad right?
Before dinner was gala cocktail party at the stardust lounge, only me and gugu went because mama was having quite a lot of fun in the casino. It was rather boring, just get a drink at the entrance, sit down and listen to music and go up to take pictures with the cruise captain if you wish to. I think Star Virgo's version is much better, more high-class,hehe..There were tapas served as well, had sushi and a wasabi toast( they called it but i dun presume it is..).
After that, we went to find mama and head to Dynasty hoping to eat the western set meal but to out disappointment, the tables for western meals are fully occupied and it will take at least and hour before we can get a table. So , we had no choice but to eat Chinesee food again..
Supper was at Mariners and the spread was surprisingly good too. There were porridge, some fried items like samosa, indian vegetarian section, fried vegetables and salads.
Monday(Day 2)- People will be getting down to Penang and we hope most people will be down so that we can go for a swim!
Breakfast at Dynasty- Continental breakfast with a choice of eggs or dimsum or daily special plus the buffet spread of yogurt, danishes and pastries, toast, milk, cereal and fruits! Not bad right. Dimsum was not very nice,so we did not eat much but the eggs were good, i had omelette with mushroom and tomato with baked beans which i was totally in love with. Toasted bread was good too as the wholemeal one was quite enjoyable.The special of the day was blueberry pancake with maple syrup which was not bad too. Very tasty.
We had lunch at Spices Restaurant. The buffet spread was good man, there were lamb chop, pan fried fish, fried smelly beans and more..i had like tons of smelly beans la..they were so good and crunchy! At least i thought so, haha..there was sweet tapioca and sweet potato soup too! Marvellous right?
Then dinner was at Dynasty and finally we got to eat the western set meal, i don't know why but i just love the feeling of eating slowly and enjoying your food rather than just dump all the food in front of you at one go in huge portions. Western menu are usually quite good. That day had lamb, salmon and a vegetarian stuffed pasta if i'm not wrong. Only the soup was mushroom cream which doesn't suit mama's taste. Dessert are not in the menu as there is the buffet table already, so we just took from there. There was bread and butter pudding and sweet potato soup again.
Day 3- peopl going down to Phuket! So we have another day of owning the ship,hahas..usually we'll relax, go jacuzzi and that day we went Gym!
Breakfast at Dynasty- Again? Aren't we tired of it? Okay la,but this time's special was blueberry waffle, very crispy and thin , i totally love it la!haha..
Lunch at Mariners as that is the only place open for lunch, guess it's because many are getting off the boat? Hmm..there was fish and lampchop which were the plus point i guess? Only a few tables eating, haha, so funny.. And for fruits, for a change finally, was pineapple, and they were utterly sweet la, i wonder if they added sugar but anyway i didn;t care but just ate a lot,haha..i saw some people with bags of fruits eating too! I wonder if it's free to get down by yourself to Phuket since the ship allows us to alight as and when we like onto shore. So i went to ask the reception after lunch and found out that it was free! SO good right? of course i wouldn't miss the chance. We went back to room to get some money and off we went! The weather was terribly hot, luckily i had sunglasses but mama couldn't stand the heat. We took a quick walk around the area where the stalls selling food and merchandises were. We bought 2 corns as they look really yummy and many cruise staffs bought as well, so we just followed them. We also bought some really fresh pistachio nuts and cashew nuts but they were rather expensive. We headed back to the room to eat our corn as we dare not walk around the island ourselves as we are not familiar with that area. Hmm, i don't find them fantastic except because they were huge but not sweet at all(sadd). Anyway, i had one whole corn myself after my already bloated lunch so i felt so energetic i need to move about! Hence, gugu and i went to gym for a workout! Shiok sia, i feel much better after that , then we went jacuzzi for 15 minutes before going back to change and prepare for dinner which is at Dynasty again!
I think it was a seafood dish, lemon sole fillet, and spaghetti. I can't remember exactly what the soup was, was it squash and minestone? Something like that..Then there was banana pudding! i missed banana so much but when i went for a second serving after the main courses, it was finished and they did not replenish.
After that we went to watch crew extravaganza which was very funny as the cruise staffs were all very daring especially the guys who dressed up as females in very skimpy dresses. I took some photos with them too!
Day 4- Skipped breakfast for today! So that can sleep more and stay later for the last night ma.
Lunch outdoors at the Oceana for BBQ!!hmm..nothing much i find, they grilled beef on the spot to make beef burgers but we can't eat ma, there was hotdog, some veg, buttered corn, bread, cakes and fruits as usual lor.. i'd love if the variety was more so actually the Star Virgo's one is better although it is only for one night but the variety is a lot and damn good la..
Hi-tea at Mariners was okay too, there was sausage roll, scone, sandwiches and fried noodles. We sat for a while more cuz thought will have new stuffs but they didn't add so left to watch the Crew Personality quiz at Stardust Lounge. Mama and gugu both went in to play and we planned to meet up later. I missed the Bingo session as i need to be above 18 to be able to buy the tickets and gugu and mama were both inside casino ma. So, i went back to room to get my Geog notes and headed down to Aquarius Lounge to study lor. When mama and gugu came to find me, we ordered 2 fruit juices and 2 cans of beers to eat with nuts and a few spring rolls which i managed to 'steal' during hi-tea. Quite enjoyable session and gugu and mama played cards while i studied.
Dinner at Dynasty- the final one!hahas..there was clear soup this time and the other which i really forget. There was only chicken and seafood i think. oh my god , i can't remember at all! Shoots..nevermind,anyway they are all roughly the same thing right?haha.. There's green bean with seaweed soup for dessert and cherry pudding which was nice but a tad too sweet.
The Mayhem show after dinner was okay, quite fantastic actually the performers are from japan and other european countries.
Back to supper once again! Hmm, got fried chicken and more food,i think there was sweet potato soup as well( i wonder where did they get so much sweet potato from?).
Chill out time! We bought a bottle of wine the day before and drank some during dinner and then we had the leftovers at Aquarius Lounge after supper while listening to music, shiok right? And we ate nuts too! plus the cashew popcorn and fresh cashews we bought from Phuket the day before, very crunchy and healthy too!
Last day fast right? Holidays always fly by the fastest. Haiz..11am reach S'pore leow..So sian.. TEst!!i just ended though, i feel so bad for not studying enough leh, i regret so much! i could have been more prepared but anyways, it's over liao so no choice! Study hard for now=)


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