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hi everyone! It has been a long while since i've last blog due to my extreeeemeeeely busy school work, with all the examinations and all cramming my schedule. But i also want to relax a bit by BLOGGING!i will be using perfect English in order to make this 'essay' a productive one, so i hope this will gain some acknowlegements from readers, okay?Do comment on my content and my language use!

I love to blog about what i've eaten. Just that my time permits me to do this often, but it will still remain my hobby to eat-snap-blog!hehe:P

hmm..where should i start. why don't i just tell you about my latest dining experience which was a very memorable one.To celebrate for my grandmother's birthday, my aunt has generously generously brought the 3 of us for a lavish dinner at Peony Jade Restaurant at Clark Quay. I bet some of you would have heard of this restaurant although there is not much publicising(do not have the need to in fact..)It is situated on the second floor so …