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EVer Tried Kushin Bo?

hola readers! i'm going to introduce a new, trendy eatery which is both value-for-money and delicious! and that is....KUSHINBO!located at 3rd level -Sky Garden of Suntec City!

We reached Suntec City at about 11.00pm , thought we were way too early to go to the restaurant as we booked 11.30pm which was exactly the time it opens for business. Hence, we decided to take our time to walk and shop around first. But once we reached Kushinbo at 11.25pm, there was already a super long queue of people waiting to enter! So ridiculously crowded!haha..wonder how long has these people been waiting hor?

But it wasn't long before we were ushered to our seats which is at a corner,Luckily! Immediately, we zoomed off to grab food! Everyone else too were already queuing to grab the freshest bite! I took a seafood kaminabe for a start as i saw many people taking it too and i believe that Singaporeans have excellent taste. Gugu took a big plate of assorted sushi and also a plate of tempura(prawns, mi…

Who says foodcourt's food can't be delicious?

Marina Square's Food Loft is there to cater to all your palates. Whether it's Japanese food, Korean food, Indian food, Local delights, the foodcourt has all to satisfy your hunger.
We went there last saturday at around 4.30pm which is about tea time. Wanted to go there to have a cup of coffee and share a roll of popiah but ended up eating our dinner there because their food is simply too tempting.
Upon stepping foot into the foodcourt, we caught sight of a girl happily placing her plate of korean set on a table. It was a Saba fish set which includes a bowl of rice, a mini plate of kimchi and ikan bilis with a huge grilled saba fish on hotpot. Who can resist the fish? It was really long and fat, almost twice the size of what most foodcourts sell. I was amazed with the generous portion of the fish indeed.So we bought a set to share. The fish was setted upon a bed of greens and onions which quickly got burnt due to the hotpot. yummy..the fish does not have a fishy taste and very ch…

京兆尹 aka King Join

King Join-京兆尹

This is a chinese restaurant serving emperor's food. It's really an honour to be able to dine in this restaurant. Luckily we found happy!
It was raining very heavily and we had to take a taxi from Sun Yat Sen Memorial Station to King Join Restaurant. It was quite near though.
We were early so not many people, in fact, there was only 1 table occupied. We got a window seat and immediately ordered tea as i was freezing! Yummy! even the tea tasted good. The tea leaves were fragrant and the pot was placed atop of a teapot warmer with a tea light candle to keep the tea warm. The names of the dishes here are very unique especially the dim sums..we had 果仁奶酪, 驢打滾, 豌豆黃, 愛窩窩 are below!hehe..

We shared a set menu inclusive of a 紫米饭 with pine nuts,金瓜汤,mini plate of chicken and another plate of mixed vegetables,3 dim sums and 果仁奶酪(chinese yogurt). After we had finished, we ordered another 3 kinds of dim sum and 八宝紫米甜品。We di…

Huahsi Night Market

Definitely not one of your common markets. That is because- the specialty is snake dishes! There are also snake shows and one is particularly famous and has since appeared on the TV for many times already. We watched it for a while too, he put a rat into a container which contain some slimy, skinny snakes but the snakes did not eat it, does it mean he failed? I don't know..anyway, gugu and mama insisted that i drink a bowl of snake soup by myself as it is very tonic. I drank it, it was very soothing and light. The meat, however, was very hard, I wonder why?
We then had dessert at a very crowded stall. It is famous for their Muahchi and Yam soup. I tried both, of course,i'd never miss any good food. Hehe.. the yam soup was hot but i find the syrup too sweet, i'd much prefer it to be less sweet. The muahchi was very good. 2 huge muahchi sprinkled with finely chopped sweetened peanuts. Yummy, the muahchi was soft and chewy and warm even! That's what i like!
Long shan temple…

Shida Night Market And GongGuan Night Market

They are just one MRT stop from one another. Only Gugu and 1 went to these 2 markets as mama was tired so we let her rest in the hotel. We went Gongguan first. There was nothing much, just a few food stalls, there were many fashion shops instead, nowonder there were so many youngsters shopping and munching there. So we decided to walk over to Shida. It was a long walk. We walked the wrong way at first but luckily asked for direction then carefully made our way to Shida. It's a really good work out, walking so much, hehe..We even asked a policeman!
But it was worth it lor, the food there was really quite a variety, 'tian bu la', 'che lun bing'(mee chiang kueh), 'Shui Jian Bao', Ice desserts...
We bought 6 che lun bings from an auntie..2 black sesame, 2 bacon and corn and 2 red beans..Not bad la, at least they were hot not cold! surprisingly got such flavours right? Wanted to eat a famous shui jian bao but there were so many people, gotta take queue somemore le…

Raohe Night Market

2nd Best and Most popular Night market in Taipei
How can you miss this superb place of food? Of course we went and we went twice even! No regrets! Some stalls were closed on the first trip as it was raining but luckily, we could try some of the best stalls!
1st Must Try- Pepper Biscuit also known as Hu Jiao Bing
There are two stalls but you will see at once by the queue which is the better one. You won't be able to imagine the queue. We were lucky that on the first night, there were few people and we managed to buy one to share which we regretted almost immediately. It was sooooooo GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! The filling was full and the chicken spicy and piping hot, SO FRESH! We loved it at our first bite. On the 2nd trip, we did not manage to eat anymore cuz the queue was sooo long! I was very upset but no choice lor.
2nd Must Try- Candied sweet potato and yam
This stall is located right at the end of the row of stalls. If you don't walk right to the end, you will miss it lor. We waited for …

shihlin night market( taipei)

Shihlin is one of the must go places to go when you're in taipei or else it will be a waste lor. Yes, of course we went! And we even went twice! To finish eating whatever is good there..which is like everything!haha. We did lots of research before going neh..and we follow as closely as possible to which stalls is worth a try.
1st Must Try- Da Bing Bao Xiao Bing
Do you know what this is? It simply is a popiah skin wrapping over a deep fried flour fritter and then sprinkled with your choice of flavoured-powder such as sesame, peanut and even savoury ones like meat. Sounds nice? Of course! it's very tasty and crunchy! I bet you've never eaten before and will woo and aah at your first bite.4 for NT$100
2nd Must Try- XXL chicken chop
You will see a long queue in front of this stall, so you will not miss it. The chicken chop is quite extraordinary big, bigger than s'pore's definitely. But they dun cut up for you, they just put the whole piece into a paper bag for you after a…

Taipei Day 1

i will be going to taiwan today!(24th nov 2007)I was so excited! it was my first time there and it will be with mama and gugu! We were super kiasu , you know, our flight was at 12.30 noon and we left home at 7.30am! We waited for taxi for quite a while but finally managed to get one. The trip to Changi Airport cost us S$22!
Upon reaching, we checked-in our luggages so that we need not have to lug them around the airport. We had 3 luggages! If i'm not wrong,they're about 50 kg altogether!scary hor? then we found a place to massage our feet and snack on some bread first. After that we ate Wang Jiao's nasi lemak and laksa. Pretty good lor, the laksa was hot but not the nasi lemak..hehe..then we walked around and took some photos. The DFS store at the departure hall had a Baileys promotion lor..a drink which me and gugu loves! The huge bottles (mint and caramel-new flavours) comes with a shaker, 2 more mini Baileys and a CD. A very good deal right? We hesitated to buy as the bo…

Damn internet

i actually uploaded a sushi tei's review last week but my internet connection just cut off like that and my post wasn't uploaded at all! waste all my time and effort!SO ANGRY,ANYWAY,NOW I'M TRYING TO DO IT AGAIN..
finally, exam is over and i get to go out and relax! 1st day out was with my aunt and grandma who took time off to accompany me to buy my grad nite's clothes and accessories..we went Vivocity, thinking it is a hugell, we shopping mall and hopefully i'll find something nice!yup..Before lunch, we're quite frustrated and not in a mood to shop as all the things we see don't seem to be suitable but amazingly, straight after lunch, we found a perfect white dress which match me just right!
We all agreed that lunch was the time when we're all in the happiest mood because we get to eat! i think eating makes one happy..
We ordered the sashimi salad with sushi tei's sauce as we thought that it was very worth comes in a big plate with relatively h…


hi everyone! It has been a long while since i've last blog due to my extreeeemeeeely busy school work, with all the examinations and all cramming my schedule. But i also want to relax a bit by BLOGGING!i will be using perfect English in order to make this 'essay' a productive one, so i hope this will gain some acknowlegements from readers, okay?Do comment on my content and my language use!

I love to blog about what i've eaten. Just that my time permits me to do this often, but it will still remain my hobby to eat-snap-blog!hehe:P

hmm..where should i start. why don't i just tell you about my latest dining experience which was a very memorable one.To celebrate for my grandmother's birthday, my aunt has generously generously brought the 3 of us for a lavish dinner at Peony Jade Restaurant at Clark Quay. I bet some of you would have heard of this restaurant although there is not much publicising(do not have the need to in fact..)It is situated on the second floor so …

Dumpling Festival!(not yet..)

hihihi..mama made dumplings earlier this year as she will be buzy next few weeks.So, i'm there to help her when she needs me!I will always be there for her,hehe, sounds like drama.
Anyways, there is alot of preperation work and she definitely cannot cope all by herself. We started cooking the meat cut them, chopped the garlic, onions, we work like crazy.
The next day, early in the morning and mama was up and ready to start. She make sure everything is hygienic. To the extent that she boils the coconut leaves and brush them clean. Then, we proceeded fry the glutinous rice,adding garlic and oil to make it fragrant.(i'm eating the dumpling right now!)not bad leh...
Next is to fry the filling. mama use pork lard oil so as to make it more fragrant. We added onions to fry till aromatic,then add mushrooms,chicken, chestnut,winter melon, pepper, fried coriander powder, soya sauce, salt..And fry and fry till evenly tossed and cooked..
hmm..smells so good already! Then it was time …

Cafe Brio's- A wonderful smorgasboard(a new word learnt today:))

Now..It's finally the June Holidays, but nothin' to be happy about or excite with. Luckily, i have the pleasure of coming to stay with gugu and mama for a couple of days;good enough cuz i get to eatttttttttt!
First meal was the most splendid of all! We were at the lobby of Waterfront Corpthones hotel, fidgeting..And finally,the much awaited time had come,we were ushered to our seats we had booked much much earlier.Guess what?we were told that it was so fully booked that there would be 2 seatings, which means we had only 2 and a half hours to finish up everything i we had intended to eat, terrible right?
I walked around the buffet table once then grabbed a plate and started my binging!
First up was the Japanese section, i had 3 types of sashimi followed by 2 sushi.
Then i went on to the cooked food section, there were so many and they all looked so tempting! I was so excited when i saw the pumpkins atopped the lamp chops, i quickly took my share,in case it will be snatched up the …


why? my blog that lousy?that no standard?why i see other blogs with so many comments but i don't have a single one?You call this a blog?nobody sees what you share and write?its so depressing you know?i guess i will just stop updating,its a waste of time and effort!

Mother'sDay Celeb

how did you celebrte your Mother's Day?
well, mine was nothing special, just a dinner at Mong Hing Restaurant, again?yup,that's right,again..if i'm not wrong i've just told you guys about my dinner on Chinese New Year right?
But this time round we had a few different dishes and they are my favourites!
Firstly,there was the steamed 'chang yu'.it was quite small though but it was enough for a table of 6 or 5..then there was the crystal dumpling,both sweet and salty ones.the salty one is filled with turnip and shrimp i think,and the sweet ones with red bean tau sa,my favourite! yes,Next up is the siew mai, one for everyone,haha..not very amazing as i find the meat too tough and uappetizing.
Other than these 3 dishes on the 'New' list, we had the usual veges and goose meat etc..
well..on the whole i guess this place is just worth the money to come back whenever you are craving for teochew dishes!

Lei GArden

Celebrated my gugu's birthday there..kinda hope they will give some birthday treats for her too but guess the overwhelming crowd kept the waitresses busy enough. We went to the one at CHIJMES for the lunch..we were the earliest and took some photos at CHIJMES too!
After browsing the menu, we ordered some dim sums and a crab vermicelli in clay pot because birthday girl must eat some kind of noodles mah..the dim sums were not bad as they come piping hot and the ingredients were fresh. i especially love the fried shredded yam and pumpkin as it was very crispy and not too oily. the clay pot was not bad either, the crabs were quite fleshy and the vermicelli with green onions and ginger slices was very aromatic but a bit too oily i would say. Haven eaten enough, so ordered more dim sums, charsiew bao, and xiao long bao..then along came a waitress with a plate of deep fried sesame ball with lotus paste, both gugu and my favourite o just agreed to have it although we know it will be a cold…

Qing Ming Jie

A day with much huzzle and buzzle
Rows of vehicles parked (sometimes)illegally along roadsides
Lugging fruits, golden money, kuehs and favourite foods of their ancestors
Despite and scotching sun and drizzling , everyone was sincerely praying

The temple at Sengkang was already packed by the time we reached there. without much further ado, we went to display our items in front of the ancestors and then prayed for good health, studies etc..
After the buzying around, we had our much awaited vegetarian meal for free at a corner of the temple. It was tough to find seats as the place was packed with hungry people. we had some soya milk which was thick with flavour and soothing to our stomach indeed. Dad found a seat and we hurried to queue for our food. I had the porridge first because it looks so hot and tasty. I was right, there were taukua, yam, peanuts and mushrooms in the oily but delicious porridge. Then, i rushed to take the curry vegetables and fried beehoon the moment they arrived pipin…

Exco Outing!

went out with the excos today at marina square..ate at swensons and had much shopping too! kind of celebrated my birthday with two of my other friends,got us a cookies and cream ice cream cake which was marvellous, not too sweet and full of cookies! birthday girls gt a complimentary balloon and ice cream too! ate them all up so that my wishes will come true,haha..EVEN after having sambal fish and apple crumble with ice cream! decided it will be my indulgence day, girls can eat desserts no matter how stuffed we are, ain't it true?:)
Some of the pictures we took!

CAn soMe0nE ComMenT?

hmm..i'm starting to wonder if i am writing crap because there don't seem to ave any body who bothers commenting on my 'wonderful essays'! i hope my posts are entertaining enough for at least 1 person? else i will close down my ' food library'..


Me,mama and gugu left home at early to get to Raffles City by bus to catch the Buffet Brunch @Prego at 11.30am. Although we have booked, we still want to get the freshest bite. We singaporeans are known to be so kiasu, there were already people eating when we reached there on time which means we are not that kiasu,hehe..most people would choose the $40 brunch because it is very worth it for the goodness of the spread lor..Couldn't decide what to eat at first look,so just took the very first dish i saw which was a starter of apricot with mackeral paste. I don't know if i was too hungry or it just tasted heavenly.Then i proceeded to the hot dishes and took pizza,vegetables, baked egg, fish etc..they were all average i guess, maybe because they were permanent dishes at a buffet table, but their pizzas were outstanding because Prego is good at them! i also had some salad and raw seafood, the prawns were great because theyare fresh and crunchy! the pastas station made me confused,s…

Legend's Garden Lunch

Today is the 14th day of the Chinese New Year, i went out for a LoHei lunch with gugu and mama cuz we haven't ate this year. We tried Legend's Garden as gugu say it is quite worth it..
We were the first to sit and i realise there are very few tables occupied even after 1pm..i always like ordering special dishes and what the restaurant is good for, so we had the Salmon Yusheng as it was still CNY, then we had a soup dish each. gugu and mama ate the minced meat in bamboo which is so smallllll...i had a big pumpkin bowl,yes, it was what i ordered because i love to eat the whole was very yummy and fleshy too! A bowl of it is enough to fill my stomach already! Then we had their famous fried prawns with wasabi mayo which comes beautifully decorated! I also ordered their beancurd with homeiji mushrooms which the waitress said was one of their specialty, and last but not least the mixed Lohan Veg. The beancurd is very tasty indeed, it was fried and the sauce and spinach wer…