Raohe Night Market

2nd Best and Most popular Night market in Taipei
How can you miss this superb place of food? Of course we went and we went twice even! No regrets! Some stalls were closed on the first trip as it was raining but luckily, we could try some of the best stalls!
1st Must Try- Pepper Biscuit also known as Hu Jiao Bing
There are two stalls but you will see at once by the queue which is the better one. You won't be able to imagine the queue. We were lucky that on the first night, there were few people and we managed to buy one to share which we regretted almost immediately. It was sooooooo GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! The filling was full and the chicken spicy and piping hot, SO FRESH! We loved it at our first bite. On the 2nd trip, we did not manage to eat anymore cuz the queue was sooo long! I was very upset but no choice lor.
2nd Must Try- Candied sweet potato and yam
This stall is located right at the end of the row of stalls. If you don't walk right to the end, you will miss it lor. We waited for about 20 minutes for them to fry till cooked right through and then mixed thoroughly with heated sugar(caramel) then sprinkled with sesame seeds. The outer was crunchy, hard even while inside was soft and warm.. what comfort food it was!NT$50
3rd Must Try- Mee sua
This wasn'n't very special but at least they were as good as Ah Zhong Mian Xian at XMD. It is located somewhere in th midst of all the stalls and is under the shophouses so you may miss it if you don't look out for it. The service was extremely good. A real comfort food for a cold night.
Other foods we tried were the Shui Jian Bao(10 for$30), aiyu n frog eggs drink.
Only regret is that we did not eat more of the pepper biscuit:(


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