Huahsi Night Market

Definitely not one of your common markets. That is because- the specialty is snake dishes! There are also snake shows and one is particularly famous and has since appeared on the TV for many times already. We watched it for a while too, he put a rat into a container which contain some slimy, skinny snakes but the snakes did not eat it, does it mean he failed? I don't know..anyway, gugu and mama insisted that i drink a bowl of snake soup by myself as it is very tonic. I drank it, it was very soothing and light. The meat, however, was very hard, I wonder why?
We then had dessert at a very crowded stall. It is famous for their Muahchi and Yam soup. I tried both, of course,i'd never miss any good food. Hehe.. the yam soup was hot but i find the syrup too sweet, i'd much prefer it to be less sweet. The muahchi was very good. 2 huge muahchi sprinkled with finely chopped sweetened peanuts. Yummy, the muahchi was soft and chewy and warm even! That's what i like!
Long shan temple is right beside it, so we went there to pray for good blessings for ourselves and our family.
Huahsi night market is certainly a place for those who wants to try or love snake food. :)


Anonymous said…
Sounds fun! Been reading the rest of your blog, too, and it's really an engaging read. Can see that you really love your food :D As for the language, it's good, but try reading the other food blogs and adopting the more evocative vocabulary that they use! You've got potential!

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