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Boruto Singapore

I've heard and read so much about Boruto that I know I will regret if I don't try it. Hustled in the midst of CBD, one could still miss the place if you do not open your eyes wide enough. 
The humbled exterior exudes a cool, mysterious looking diner but once you enter, the warm and dimly lit interior will make one feel comfortable to sit there sipping ice water through the night (exactly what I did). Vaults of rare whiskies n sake lined the walls, be careful not to touch them as one can set you back as much as $3.7k. 
We sat upstairs where there are about 5 bar top tables and a groovy ambience. The night was young so we decided to start off with food. Certain selections from their menu cost $10 every Saturday. We were really lucky! Their food are served tapas style and artistically displayed. It was a difficult choice to make. But we managed to shortlist 5 dishes (aside from desserts) to start off. 
Potato Mentai Cheese ($9.80) which was essentially potato cut into spheres and fi…