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A Day In Tiong Bahru

Walking through the streets of this old-estate brings back all the fondest childhood memories where a little girl is seen tugging her grandmother's hand. Many has changed over the years but most of the buildings have been retained. Over the years, many cafes and restaurants have sprouted at several corners in Tiong Bahru. But the real essence of this historical place still lies in the old hawker stalls which has been there for decades. 
Most of you might have known or even grow up eating the famous Tiong Bahru Baos and Chwee Kueh. Tiong Bahru Food Market is one of the most popular food centre in Singapore. Today, i will be bringing you some other yummy food you cannot miss if you are at Tiong Bahru.
1. Yuan Ji Fishball Noodles I tried this because i have tried the rest. Just felt i should give a better overview by criticising fairly on the several stalls selling similar food here at Tiong Bahru Food Centre.  If you're looking for the fishball noodles with the orange-coloured f…

The Fine Dining Experience @ PS.Café A.S.H Park

As we arrived at the cafe, we were awestruck by the romantic setting of the entrance surrounded by flora. The interior design was dark and intimate partly due to the teak and rust materials used for the walls and furniture. It is a 3-storey restaurant, the basement is where the bar ( food and drinks can be served if you do not mind the bar tables and high chairs), on to the second floor is the dining area ( more for a proper food and slightly casual), the top floor is what they call the 'Attic Lounge' with a balcony area if you wish to sit al-fresco. We were ushered to the 'Attic' where my girlfriend and i were seated down at a corner table next to the glass door overseeing the breathtaking view of the CBD skyline.

Nice classical music was playing at the background as we wowed through the food and dessert menu, having a hard time choosing our food from the tantalising spread. Desserts was a must and we decided to have two because it was impossible to settle on just on…

The Coffee Daily

Want to mug for your exams together with good food and drinks? Starbucks is always packed and you often find yourself stranded in a mall wondering around for somewhere appropriate for your notes and pens flying around?

Presenting to you...THE COFFEE DAILY. Discovered this place from several local food blogs and they all have pretty attractive descriptions of this cafe. ( Check out their Facebook Page for more information! )

We arrived just in time before the rain started pouring outside, sun was scorching but we managed to find our from the bus stop ( Aft Trinity Meth Ch) to 75 Brighton Crescent.

There were no indoor tables except at the counter or a high table which was quite crammed. The sofa and old fashioned chairs look so comfortable but we decided to sit at the counter while waiting for a vacant dining table. The hardcopy menu is not the complete food list, they also have mains like lasagne and pastas on their chalkboard menu. L decided to have the Sausage, ham, bacon, scramble…

Tanjong Pagar - Outram Park - Chinatown Food Trail

Lunchtime in the CBD area can be real headache. Even fast food chains are swarmed with office workers with growling stomachs. The closure of Tanjong Pagar Market & Food Centre for upgrading has also made lunch choices even more limited.

Want a quick bite? The relatively new mall, 100AM, located on Tras Street has many eateries to offer. I discovered this bakery right smack in the middle of the mall, it's impossible to miss it.

They have everything from Hong Kong delights to western cakes to at least 30 varieties of bread. I heard that their best seller is the Crispy Cream Cheese Bread! What i like about it is that the shell is really light and crispy. It could be improved with more cream cheese if not the hollow in the bread will make the customers like me feel cheated :(

Have an acquired taste? Try the Black Sesame Bun. It is loaded with choppy black sesame paste, not too sweet for the sugar-conscious. I love pastes that are not too smooth because that is when they used the m…

Little India Food Trail

Every time i head to Little India or Farrer Park, i will have a headache thinking about what to eat there. Besides Banana Leaf Apollo which is a luxury, or the Komala Vilas because you see them at every corner? Would you have thought Little India could also have some good Chinese hawker cuisine to offer? 
That day a friend posted on my wall 'South Buona Vista Road Duck Rice Returns' and it just so happens to be located 5 minutes walk from Farrer Park Mrt Station...
Not surprising, i expected to see a flock of old and new customers alike after the newspaper feature. But there was no queue! If you have been to the Hup Seng Duck Rice at Sin Ming Road, you will know what i mean. Nevertheless, i was still eager to try for myself what brings this 'Famous Teochew Duck Rice' back to town. 
The auntie was waiting for me to order ( yes, not the order way round ) and i told her i wanted a set for 1 pax, with the brown rice. She told me it was $5 for a 1 pax s…

Korean BBQ Restaurant a.k.a Ssikkek BBQ

Many of you should have been to this or its SISTER BRANCH - 2D1N Soju Bang at Tanjong Pagar. Those who did not realise that they are opened by the same group, now you know. They serve the same varieties of meat but admittedly, 2D1N has much lesser overall types of food and drinks with a more crammed and smoky indoor sitting area. You either have to go at least 30 minutes before to queue or you will probably end up waiting for 2 hours for a table.

Prices are the same at $12+ for lunch, and $22+ for dinner.

Ssikkek at Novena Ville has shifted to United Square 101 Thomson Road, #B1-15/16/17 Singapore 307591 if you are wondering if it has closed down. 

Other outlets i have yet to go are as follows: 
1. #02-01, Bras Basah Complex, 231 Bain Street
2. 10 Tampines Central 1, #04-22/24 Tampines 1
3. #01-01, Oriental Plaza, 291 New Bridge Road

Apparently, all the outlets differ in their types of cooked food. Some has sushi, gyoza, 3-4 types of soup, while the others might have sweet potato coated wit…

New Bread Boy In Town!

Sick of the pork floss from Breadtalk, the mini buns from Four Leaves or those boring flavours of breads from the neighbourhood bakeries? No fear! This new European bakery has much more to offer!

I was there 3 weeks ago and happened to see the signboard ready for opening. Already excited to visit it once it is opened for business, i made a mental note to pop by again soon and i finally did yesterday! As expected, it is crowded with mostly female customers. 
Duke Bakery is actually a Japanese European style artisan bread with Taiwan origin. They have over 60 bread options, baked fresh daily at different times of the day. ( See below for the schedule to catch the freshly baked breads ) European style bread is known for its use of finest quality ingredients with a natural flavour, thus a popular option amongst the ladies. This is the daily bread schedule, pretty cute right? :) Wondering why i was excited before it was even opened? Last summer, i was in Shanghai and i was a regular at this T…

Brotzeit OR Brewerkz?

If you are wondering where to go for some German Beer and sausages, with a nice ambience for chilling out with your friends, here's your guide to helping you decide between the two popular places in Singapore.

I have been to Brotzeit several times, and Brewerkz for the first time yesterday. I like Brotzeit because of their wide array of food and drinks at reasonable prices. But definitely, we were there for the delicious food. Service is average and they hire many foreigners so sometimes we do get a little annoyed when they failed to understand our orders properly. ( This is the outlet at One-North, not too sure about the Vivocity outlet)

In this review, i shall do a comparison of the two restaurants for the most important accompaniment with German Beer *DRUMROLLS* PORK KNUCKLE

Brotzeit Beer & Restaurant                    Brewerkz Microbrewery & Restaurant

If you all agree with me, the skin of the pork knuckle is the best part of the entire dish. Brotzeit serves this dish …

Cheap Chic Chix riCe

Tucked away at a corner stall in Clementi, this western stall has got something for all the chicken rice lovers out there!
I started patronising this stall since 2 years ago as it is located just a short bus ride from my school. For good food, it is definitely worth a trip down even if you are not staying within the vicinity. I have also seen other stalls around the island but am not sure if they are of equal standards as this. If you have been to any others, do let me know and i will give it a try as well!

As you can see from the picture above, they have about 20 dishes to offer! From BBQ chicken wings, to chicken cutlet to roasted chicken rice, you will be spoilt for choice! That being said, i have been a loyal customer purely for their chicken rice. Today i went and the price has gone up by 30cents! Not surprising though, the business still remains as good as ever. There was a short queue at lunch but the service was fast and i got my takeaways within a couple of minutes.

Check out …

Fab Eats @ Fabulous Baker Boy

It was the first time up at Fort Canning park for some delicious food. I was thrilled. My friends led the way as i have zero clue where this little cafe was hiding within the park.

Located at:
The Foothills, 70 River Valley Road, #01-15 (179037) Next to Clark Quay

We were there slightly past 11 only to find ourselves having to wait for a table as it was fully booked. You have to reserve for brunch places these days too??? Very well.. We were then asked if we are only having cakes or food too. We were there for both but reckon we needed a big table and not those coffee tables so we told them we were there for brunch. Hence, we were sat down rather quickly only to know we had only slightly over an hour to eat. Sounds ridiculous to us but we were famished, so we sat down anyway. It happened to be raining and we sat at the alfresco seats watching the wet weather.

We were glad this not-so-pleasant greeting did not affect our excitement over the food as we po…