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Mr Friendly Baker From FBB
It was the first time up at Fort Canning park for some delicious food. I was thrilled. My friends led the way as i have zero clue where this little cafe was hiding within the park.

Located at:
The Foothills, 70 River Valley Road, #01-15 (179037) Next to Clark Quay

We were there slightly past 11 only to find ourselves having to wait for a table as it was fully booked. You have to reserve for brunch places these days too??? Very well.. We were then asked if we are only having cakes or food too. We were there for both but reckon we needed a big table and not those coffee tables so we told them we were there for brunch. Hence, we were sat down rather quickly only to know we had only slightly over an hour to eat. Sounds ridiculous to us but we were famished, so we sat down anyway. It happened to be raining and we sat at the alfresco seats watching the wet weather.

We were glad this not-so-pleasant greeting did not affect our excitement over the food as we pondered over what to order longer than we take to finish up the food itself. The baker you see above told us his recommendations and also to take our time to look at the cakes after our savouries. We were really distracted by the lovely cakes displayed at a table beside the counter. 

So here's what we ordered eventually after looooooong discussion:

Egg's Benedict with smoked salmon 

Garlic Fries with Truffle Oil

The renowned Pot Pie ( Chickieeeee)
We tucked into the food upon being served. First was the fries, it was my first truffle fries ( I KNOW RIGHT!!! How can i not have such a delicacy yet! ). I love it as there was a lot of diced garlic mixed into the fries which did a good job keeping the fries crisp and tasty. Sauces, saucers and cutleries were self-service which is good for me and the waitresses as i am quite a troublesome customer. 

The Eggs Benedict was enjoyable but messy. Every cut seemed to destroy the effort put into the display and well-poached eggs lying on top of the bread. The bread was not too crumbly, in fact it was a good blend with the salmon and eggs and cheese melted over them. Sounds sinful? All the more you should try! I was thinking of giving the Eggs Ben with spinach the next visit, maybe you can try and let me know how is it! :)

I am glad there is finally a CHICKIE option for pot pies. As i do not take beef, my friends had to accommodate to me if we are sharing food. ( sorry nomnom buddies ) But who says non-beef means it isn't good??? Obviously the photo (3rd photo of the food) tells it all! There was supposed to be plenty of peas in the pie but turns out to have only 1 or 2 which was good for C. She hates peas :P The chunks of chicken were quite tender and i liked how much potatoes they put in there, seems like a healthy dish!
Cakes ( from left in clockwise direction): Red Velvet Cake, Lemon Chiffon Cake, Strawberry Yogurt Cake

Similarly, we took ages to decide on the cakes we wanted. '2 seems too little, we'd love to have 3', and so we managed to settle with 3 cakes, chosen carefully according to our preferences. There were at least 10-12 varieties to choose from. Just chocolate based itself, there were 3 different types. I haven't had such nice cakes for a long time! They were not too oily, the layered cream between the cakes was just sufficient to let every bite melts in your mouth.

My favourite would be the Red Velvet Cake. WHY??? I like how dense the chocolate at the top and bottom layers were ( maybe i just love everything chocolatey, but non-chocolate lovers are bound to like this too! ). It is not too sweet but rich in cocoa.

The Strawberry Yogurt was something new to me as i have never eaten a similar cake before. The layers of cream and jam was a perfect concoction. When i had my first mouth, i was surprised by the taste of it as the looks was pretty normal at first sight. A healthy choice for the calories-conscious i guess? ^^

Last but not least, the Lemon Chiffon is just as refreshing as it sounds. Though it could do with more lemon to give it more zest, i would say this cake is by far the best Chiffon cake i have ever had. The coconut sprinkles was also one of the reasons why i would enjoy this to be honest. A little bit of chew never hurts :D

I really enjoyed my first trip to The Fabulous Baker Boy. It was chilly and perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon. Maybe its my sweet tooth but i feel that their cakes are really baked with lots of love. The patissier was friendly and gave us his recommendations for first-timers like us. I will definitely go back for more.

For more info, check out their webbie! http://www.thefabulousbakerboy.com/


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