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What to Eat @ One Raffles Place

If you happen to work near me and would love some piping hot pork-based noodle soup with some char siew, let me introduce two of my favourite haunts which might also be yours soon!

Ramen Isshi 

Located at a corner on the 4th floor of the relatively new One Raffles Place is not at all attention-seeking. However, crowd is still drawn to its affordable priced lunch set deals. Kuro - black,  aka- red, shiro- white tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen. Their value lunch sets at $13 comes with a ramen and the salad bar. I thought the salads were quite fresh and they had 3 different types of dressings to choose from (spicy tomato is one of them).

The ramen was not rather average as the noodles was slightly too soft and thin which made me feel like eating wanton noodles in japanese style. I would not complain much about the soup as there is garlic and sesame on the side to add on top of the plentiful of shallots floating on the broth. The half boiled egg was not runny enough and the sliced pork be…

J's Restaurant

Purvis Street is turning into a place for dining for all occasions. My friend brought me to J's, whether it is a date or a gathering with old friends, the restaurant gave a casual yet cosy atmosphere.

J's is a halal certified restaurant serving a good range of Latin fusion food. We were warmly welcomed and sat by the friendly waitress while i was drooling at the sight of what others are eating.

What's GOOD?
Braised Lamb Shank ($33) I was really glad we chose this main course because it was the best lamb shank that i ever had! Even the one i had at PS Cafe is nowhere close. The lamb shank is cooked for many hours before laying on a bed of mash and vegetables. The end result? Juicy meat that fall apart from the bone at every stab of the fork. Delicate as a dandelion, the meat tasted with just the right amount of salt and pepper. The tomato sauce has a good balance of sweetness and sourness with a bed of mash to make the perfect match to the meat.
Poppers ($17) Honestly, i wa…