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toast toast toast..

ilove toast!

Dumpling Festival

Ooh..dumpling feast is about to start right? Yes! I get to help Mama this year. It is very tiring and time consumng too, so without my help, it will be very tough for her. My dumplings are not as nice of course, but at least i helped right? :)

Grandma's secret dumpling recipe! Ingredients: lean meat with some fats( cooked and cut into bits) winter melon(small cubes) chestnut mushrooms(small cubes) dried prawns( grind) lots of onion for fragrance( grind) pepper soy sauce 5 spice powder yan sui zi oil For rice: glutinous rice(soaked 3 hrs at least) garlic salt oil Steps: 1. fry onion in oil till fragrant, then add mushrooms, winter melon, chestnuts, and dried prawns. 2. Add soy sauce and lots of pepper, and continue stirring till frgrant and it is dark enough. 3. Pour in meat and coninue frying, adding soy sauce, 5 spice, pepper and yan sui zi. 4.when it is thoroughly cooked, remove into a bowl first. 5. For rice, fry garlic in oil, then pour in the rice. 6. Fry thoroughly till oily and look cooked. For wrap…

Buffet at M Hotel

I went with GuGu and Mama on Mother's Day to M hotel for buffet lunch. It was an international spread.
Well, there was quite a wide variety, there's pasta, prawn mee, sashimi, chocolate fountain, just to name a few. Of course, the food was tastier than i had expected. Plus, they have free flow of drinks too.. we had calamansi, grass jelly and ice lemon tea.I ate every single food there and had about 30 pieces of sashimi, plus a whole lot of fruits, cakes dipped in chocolate. Mmm..
making me hungry again, although i will not want to eat at the same place again, it's always more adventurous to try different places.

Battlefield Trip 2

i went labrador battery, kranji war memorial and ford motor factory.
i learned a lot from this trip which i had previously thought it would be boring and useless.
the soldiers, our forefathers, the innocents, they died for us.
they died for us to be here today, living comfortably without worries of war or hunger.
we are too complacent, and we should all take some time to think about these people who died for us during the war, how much they had suffered for us.
remember, without their sacrifice, we wont be here today.

Battlefield Trip


HaPpY Ves@k Dae!!

happy vesak!

my family and i went hill climbing at Bukit Timah early this morning then we went opp of Old Tiong Market, a family there will cook and allow us to enter their house to pray..we go there every year..they have fried bee hoon, curry veg, lotus bun, lohan zai, and their popiah is very crispy and fresh..they wrap it on the spot..its best eaten piping hot to ensure its crispiness..i ate a lot..with tea..

my sis was weird this morning..ate like a mouse. although she complained during hill climbing that her stomach was grumbling..she finished a teeny bit of beehoon and said she was full..sometimes she can eat eat 2 plates,plus 3 popiah..anw, she says she's on a diet..she isn't very fat anyway..tall,thats why she's quite heavy..4get about her! eat with her always not fun de..tell u more next time..

soo..i did not take the photo on the food this morning..cant see it!

well,remembered i was saying on the previous post that i was going to have packed dinner,guess what was it?…


wow! exams are finally over..
i'm so i can finally concentrate on my food explore!

been looking at some recipes to see if i can do anything..a simple dish that will turn out good perhaps?i'm seriously wondering if anyone has spotted my blog yet, cause i dun see any comments!so sadd..:(

hey, if you want any help in your kitchen, do let me know..i will consider!i'm an avid learner! if you got to know any food tasting, do tell me too!

i had kuay chap a few feeks ago near my house, it's opposite the petrol kiosk at yishun ring road..well, its not bad, i like the duck liver..haha..the chilli too is not bad..

going for my dinner now!wonder what good food dad will buy back?