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Exco Outing!

went out with the excos today at marina square..ate at swensons and had much shopping too! kind of celebrated my birthday with two of my other friends,got us a cookies and cream ice cream cake which was marvellous, not too sweet and full of cookies! birthday girls gt a complimentary balloon and ice cream too! ate them all up so that my wishes will come true,haha..EVEN after having sambal fish and apple crumble with ice cream! decided it will be my indulgence day, girls can eat desserts no matter how stuffed we are, ain't it true?:)
Some of the pictures we took!

CAn soMe0nE ComMenT?

hmm..i'm starting to wonder if i am writing crap because there don't seem to ave any body who bothers commenting on my 'wonderful essays'! i hope my posts are entertaining enough for at least 1 person? else i will close down my ' food library'..


Me,mama and gugu left home at early to get to Raffles City by bus to catch the Buffet Brunch @Prego at 11.30am. Although we have booked, we still want to get the freshest bite. We singaporeans are known to be so kiasu, there were already people eating when we reached there on time which means we are not that kiasu,hehe..most people would choose the $40 brunch because it is very worth it for the goodness of the spread lor..Couldn't decide what to eat at first look,so just took the very first dish i saw which was a starter of apricot with mackeral paste. I don't know if i was too hungry or it just tasted heavenly.Then i proceeded to the hot dishes and took pizza,vegetables, baked egg, fish etc..they were all average i guess, maybe because they were permanent dishes at a buffet table, but their pizzas were outstanding because Prego is good at them! i also had some salad and raw seafood, the prawns were great because theyare fresh and crunchy! the pastas station made me confused,s…

Legend's Garden Lunch

Today is the 14th day of the Chinese New Year, i went out for a LoHei lunch with gugu and mama cuz we haven't ate this year. We tried Legend's Garden as gugu say it is quite worth it..
We were the first to sit and i realise there are very few tables occupied even after 1pm..i always like ordering special dishes and what the restaurant is good for, so we had the Salmon Yusheng as it was still CNY, then we had a soup dish each. gugu and mama ate the minced meat in bamboo which is so smallllll...i had a big pumpkin bowl,yes, it was what i ordered because i love to eat the whole was very yummy and fleshy too! A bowl of it is enough to fill my stomach already! Then we had their famous fried prawns with wasabi mayo which comes beautifully decorated! I also ordered their beancurd with homeiji mushrooms which the waitress said was one of their specialty, and last but not least the mixed Lohan Veg. The beancurd is very tasty indeed, it was fried and the sauce and spinach wer…