Exco Outing!

went out with the excos today at marina square..ate at swensons and had much shopping too! kind of celebrated my birthday with two of my other friends,got us a cookies and cream ice cream cake which was marvellous, not too sweet and full of cookies! birthday girls gt a complimentary balloon and ice cream too! ate them all up so that my wishes will come true,haha..EVEN after having sambal fish and apple crumble with ice cream! decided it will be my indulgence day, girls can eat desserts no matter how stuffed we are, ain't it true?:)
Some of the pictures we took!


panama-frexile said…
yo brenda(: don't close down ur food library!! i love reading ur essays(x hope everything's ok! take care. don't stress too much over ur studies k(:
panama-frexile said…
and i love looking at food porn X:
haha that cake looks deelicious!(;

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