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Sweet Treats

It's not often that i get such nice treats, so i'm going to share with you.

A lil' tart today
Means a million to me
It's the unexpected moments
Which touches my heart
But no matter what
I still wanna say
I'll always remember
This sweet treat you shared with me

I love anything with custard. But this is the first time i'm trying a custard tart, and it's omgosh, SWEETNESS TTM!!!<3 The aroma of freshly baked pastries is just irresistable. When he passed this to me, i'm like overload with happiness. Trying something i've been longing to try, u made my dream come true. Thanks! The crust is crumbly and baked to perfection, i believe even when u eat it cold, it's just as nice. Check out the thickness of the custard filling in the first photo. OH! And you do know there's a range of custard desserts, such as custard baos, which i think it's an awesome dimsum! I'm gonna thank the person who invented this superb recipe for custard fillings. W…