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One day trip to Wuxi - An old city in southern Jiangsu province

Impromptu trip turned adventurous and fun-filled.
We had gone pub crawling the night before. Although we didn't stay out that late, we had no time to plan a day's itinery and so we just went ahead and planned on the way.
Bought tickets at East Nanjing's ticketing office in the morning before heading to Shanghai Railway station to catch our 11.05am train. It was the cheaper but because it was the slow speed train. Cost us only 29RMB per pax.
It began to drizzle when we arrived, and we were haunted by a few very persistent tour guides to ask us to get a ride to some attractions for just 2rmb. We believed it was scam and didn't dare to take it because we were sure there is going to be hidden cost if we took up the offer. And so we ended up taking 2 separate cabs for the 6 of us. Each costing close to 60RMB to get us to Tai Lake's Sanguo City's CCTV Movie Film Base.
The tickets was only 40RMB for student price. Because PL and i did not bring ours, we had to persuade …

Special Ed : hoF ~ The best chocolate dessert in Shanghai thus far...

hoF has several branches but i went to the one at Lujiazui which is the nearest for me. 
Went there with 7 others for desserts after lunch. What surprised me was that i met 2 other NUS friends who are interning there! So we felt very much at home!
We had recommendations from them as well as the staffs there, who are really friendly and patiently attended to all our questions. Finally settled on their orange chocolate mud cake with a layer of sea salt over it, death by chocolate, chocolate velvet to share. For the drinks, we got a strawberry milkshake which one of the senior waiter recommended , chocolate ice blended and a hot chocolate.

I love the chocolate cakes, every mouthful of it makes me melt. I will recommend to take the Death By Chocolate if you are in for a sinful and decadent cake ( might as well right since you have already decided to have desserts). The drinks were alright, though i feel the chocolate ice blended could be better if it was more chocolatey. The hot chocolate wa…


One of the most important thing we do when we're in a foreign country, whether or not we will be there for a day, a month or a year, is to try out the best foods around!

Having been in this beautiful cosmopolitan city for almost a month now, most of my cash goes to none other than FOOD! Some of my adventurous colleagues and i took a leap to go Mr & Mrs Bund last week when my boss wasn't around. We've heard so much about it we just can't miss it! We made a reservation just in case, it is a pretty hot spot for their executive set lunch. Reviews online plus the descriptions on the lunch menu already made us drool!!!

We arrived punctually to see several tables filled up but not as many as we had expected. The manager was very nice to sit us and even offered our bags a small chair as well! This is definitely the first, credits to their service! Again, we took a long while to decide what to have as there were changes to the dishes in the set lunch, apparently they remove…

3rd Week- Where the fun begins....( 27th May - 2nd June)

There there... It should have been a week of freedom but i seemed more busy! But for a good thing because i went more places and had nice food!!! Weekend trip to Hangzhou was great aside from the rain which can be a real pain, we had to juggle umbrellas while eating through the night markets and becoming really messy and dirty from the muddy ground. We were supposed to stay in Touran Backpackers Youth Hostel but it was fully booked! So they found another place for us to stay which seemed like a terrace house. It was clean and really spacious so it made a great accommodation after a tiring day of walking in the rain!
新白鹿餐厅So we met for dinner on a Monday because we missed each other so much already. There was PL went to got a number first and was told to go back 2 hours later. Knowing that we wanted to go cut my sim card but had no luck with that. We went back shortly after to meet Raymond and the rest to come by. Surprisingly, they let us jumped queue! So we got in around 7.45pm instea…