One day trip to Wuxi - An old city in southern Jiangsu province

Impromptu trip turned adventurous and fun-filled.

We had gone pub crawling the night before. Although we didn't stay out that late, we had no time to plan a day's itinery and so we just went ahead and planned on the way.

Bought tickets at East Nanjing's ticketing office in the morning before heading to Shanghai Railway station to catch our 11.05am train. It was the cheaper but because it was the slow speed train. Cost us only 29RMB per pax.

It began to drizzle when we arrived, and we were haunted by a few very persistent tour guides to ask us to get a ride to some attractions for just 2rmb. We believed it was scam and didn't dare to take it because we were sure there is going to be hidden cost if we took up the offer. And so we ended up taking 2 separate cabs for the 6 of us. Each costing close to 60RMB to get us to Tai Lake's Sanguo City's CCTV Movie Film Base.

The tickets was only 40RMB for student price. Because PL and i did not bring ours, we had
to persuade the ticketing officer that we are all students. ( but i just realised my matric card was actually in my bag! =.=)

The place had free live shows for visitors to watch and several ancient and pretty buildings seen in many of the chinese movies. It was very hot and humid but luckily the place was big and quite spacious so it didn't seem to be very crowded. However, it started to pour heavily at around 3pm and we were all drenched and had to hide in a little hut selling stuffs. We bought a poncho each and left to continue exploring when the rain got lighter. 

As the rain was still persisting when we left the attraction, we ended up taking a black cab but the driver gave us a reasonable quote so we thought it was pretty worth it. We paid 70RMB to get to Nanchang temple cum street. We were glad the rain finally subsided when we reached the place. Starving as we were, we gobbled down 2 bowls of 鸭血粉丝 at the first eatery we see. As we moved further in, we got ourselves some grilled teppanyaki skewers like the enoki mushrooms, eggplant, corn, garlic oysters, and CRICKET!!!! I was gladi ate it, i did not have to consider much before eating it. In fact it was rather delicious!! I would have it again. We had the 酱拌面 together with the grilled food, and we even ordered a second round, now with more meat and a fish to share. We went past streets of more food! This place closes quite early though, i am not sure why but it seems like the place was not very crowded given that it was a sunday! We liked it though! :))) Got somemore meaty skewers and 大肠饭团 which was loaded with peanuts. Quite yummy lor.. 
Nice evening scenery @ Nanchan Temple
Took a high speed train back to shanghai at around 8pm. Great one-day escapade! (: 


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