3rd Week- Where the fun begins....( 27th May - 2nd June)

There there... It should have been a week of freedom but i seemed more busy! But for a good thing because i went more places and had nice food!!! Weekend trip to Hangzhou was great aside from the rain which can be a real pain, we had to juggle umbrellas while eating through the night markets and becoming really messy and dirty from the muddy ground. We were supposed to stay in Touran Backpackers Youth Hostel but it was fully booked! So they found another place for us to stay which seemed like a terrace house. It was clean and really spacious so it made a great accommodation after a tiring day of walking in the rain!


So we met for dinner on a Monday because we missed each other so much already. There was PL went to got a number first and was told to go back 2 hours later. Knowing that we wanted to go cut my sim card but had no luck with that. We went back shortly after to meet Raymond and the rest to come by. Surprisingly, they let us jumped queue! So we got in around 7.45pm instead of the estimated 8.30pm Luckily there were hot tea and popcorn to keep us occupied. They were actually rather nice, at least i liked it ( wonder if they sell it actually). So we got a table and started ordering food. Starving as we were, our orders were fit for a king. We even ordered some special dishes like the Smelly Tofu, salted egg yolk pork ribs, fried pumpkin slices and more. No doubt we were really 饿坏了, haha! For 8 of us, it was actually pretty wholesome, we were so full at the end of our meal! I would say the Smelly Tofu was our biggest regret, other than that we enjoyed all the dishes. Our total bill came up to 280RMB, which was super cheap for dinner! Where can you even get that feast in Singapore?? I will be so not used to it. The second time we went was yesterday ( 3rd June) where we had 5 of us eating 5 dishes, we had this walnut sesame juice which was warmed and taste really good! But due to the time, many dishes ran out, hence, we were a bit disappointed. 


We thought it would be of some standard but we were so disappointed. Our bowls of taohuay were so unpresentable ( like they've went through a storm) and when we asked for a new bowl they were angsty and made us so afraid they might do something to our replacement. The youtiao were ok i guess, quite fresh and is not too oily, but definitely not going back there. ( 10RMB for 1 bowl of taohuay and 1 youtiao). 


赛螃蟹( 绿茶)
On our 2nd day at Hangzhou ( 2nd June ), we had brunch after we checked out from our apartment and ate at the famous 绿茶餐厅. We had to cab there as it was still drizzling and we were expecting a long queue already. We were so right, there was a long line of people ahead of us. But the queue system of such popular restaurants are such that if they call your number twice and you are not around to claim the table, the next number gets to sit and so on and so forth. PL, Jimmy and DJ went outside to walk walk leaving the rest of us to wait miserly for our numbers. It made us so hungry we kept ordering and ordering from the order form on our hands. We submitted upon sitting down. The dishes came really quickly and out-of-hand! Not knowing we ordered so much, we still managed to finish all the food amazingly! The 猪耳脆瓜夹( Pig's ear is being inserted ) was nice and a really pleasant appetizer to start off our meal! I also liked the 流沙包 which we ordered 12! Though the centre filling wasn't flowy, the creamy sweet custard sipped into the bun making it soft and tasty! I really like the 绿茶饼, also available at 外婆家, it's probably a Hangzhou cuisine specialty or something. We had also some unique dishes like the 招牌石锅饭还有芝士锅时菌。We even had desserts because everybody else ordered too, the 面包诱惑 was really tempting, the soft cubes of spongy bread soaked with some vanilla ice cream, was so delicious! While the fruit shaved ice was also nice with mango syrup over the ice, i would have preferred something sweeter! :D It was one of the most expensive meal ever, beside we ordered a lot of drinks inclusive of a purple sweet potato juice which got our attention and had to try it! It turned out really like drinking blended purple sweet potato. Though we spent a lot on this meal, it was a great and worthwhile one!



Despite the continuous rain, it did not stopped us from walking to the West Lake to see how beautiful it is as seen in the pictures and descriptions in reviews. There was nothing much, the rain might have affected the view to a certain extent but we have definitely made the best out of it. Took a 60RMB boat ride around the lake to enjoy the scenery since we cannot really walk much. It was quite enjoyable even though it was more pricey than expected. After that we went back to our apartment to clean up a bit then head Wushan Night Market for some street food, it was fun because each of us bought some different foods to share! Looked like a family! We even bought a lousy poncho each for 5RMB, totally got cheated! Raymond's 10RMB one which he bought at West Lake was even better! Bought some snow beer ( 7 bottles for 21RMB) and some snacks home for supper! Though there was nothing much to see, we had the most adventurous part of our stay in China so far. 
 At west lake...


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