Special Ed : hoF ~ The best chocolate dessert in Shanghai thus far...

hoF has several branches but i went to the one at Lujiazui which is the nearest for me. 
Our first order of all chocolate cakes!
Went there with 7 others for desserts after lunch. What surprised me was that i met 2 other NUS friends who are interning there! So we felt very much at home!
We had recommendations from them as well as the staffs there, who are really friendly and patiently attended to all our questions. Finally settled on their orange chocolate mud cake with a layer of sea salt over it, death by chocolate, chocolate velvet to share. For the drinks, we got a strawberry milkshake which one of the senior waiter recommended , chocolate ice blended and a hot chocolate.

I love the chocolate cakes, every mouthful of it makes me melt. I will recommend to take the Death By Chocolate if you are in for a sinful and decadent cake ( might as well right since you have already decided to have desserts). The drinks were alright, though i feel the chocolate ice blended could be better if it was more chocolatey. The hot chocolate was slightly bitter, obvious that it has abundance of melted dark chocolate in it. 

The display of cakes that looks so delicious i would break open the glass to gobble em'  up!
The head chef, a Singaporean and our alumni, came out to chat up with us for a while. And the next moment, we were served 5 other of their new creations for free. His hospitality really made us feel so welcomed and we happily indulge in them, they are mostly fruity flavours. For the sweet tooths, i would definitely recommend the fruit compote, that comes in a bowl topped with some puffs and loaded with fruits. 
The free treats! :DDD
Our meal only came up to about 20RMB per person. For a buffet-like spread, my first dining experience had been great.

Service is remarkable here. Everyone is so friendly. The inner dining area seems cosy but we sat a the al-fresco tables which is spacious and windy. I would die to go there again.

hoF Bar and Brasserie  ( Lujiazui) 
DBS Tower, 1318 Lujiazui Huan Lu
Tel No: 5010-0800


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