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Always working late in the office and wondering where you can head to for cheap drinks after? 
Try SQUE Rotisserie & Alehouse! A restaurant and bar concept with indoor and al fresco dining suitable for any occasions. Cannot believe I just discovered this gem! 
Their drinks goes at 1 for 1 from 11.30am to 7.30pm and from 9pm onwards. That includes beer, wines, cocktails and mocktails for the non alcoholics. But be sure to come earlier because the place can be real packed as it overlooks the singapore river. 

So yup! One for one haha! This was cosmopolitan. We also had Hoegarden and Mojito (below). 

Mojito is surprisingly very pleasant to drink. For the girls, you will be delighted at the spread of cocktails and shots. Jägerbomb, Coconanas and Litchee Magharita are some others! 
Take a look at the food menu and you will feel like getting some bites to go along. Ranging from pork belly, to pork knuckles, to truffle fries and nachos, they have something for all ages and taste buds. 
Nachos …

Soi Thai

I always wonder why Thai Food is so different in Singapore as compared to Thailand itself. Where is the authenticity??? 
Until I found this little gem located at Tampines Street 81 thanks to a friend of mine who brought me day. On a typical Monday evening, expect to find a young crowd tucking in to surprisingly big portions of traditional Thai style dishes. 
I had a fair selection from each category from the menu but having only two person to share, it was not possible to get everything I wanted. 
Hence, we ordered a Phad Thai, Basil Pork with Steamed Rice, Mango Salad, Thick Tom Yum Goong with Prawns, Green Curry Chicken and coconut and Thai iced tea for the drinks. 
We thought it was too much but we did attempt to wipe them all. 

I guess a Thai salad cannot run away much from being spicy, sour and salty. This was infused with aromatic fish sauce  and tossed with plenty of crisp dried shrimp bits, onions and chilli slices. I felt that everything goes side by side with each other without a…

My Japan Diary - From Osaka to Singapore

Day 11  Spent our last day fruitfully at a Osaka Musuem Of Housing and Living. Most people go there for the purpose of getting a sense of walking in their traditional kimono costume. Entrance is 600 yen per pax followed by 200 yen for 30mins in kimono. 

This is how the Musuem looks like. Picturesque view indeed, no wonder it's worth it for just that 30mins stroll and photo taking. You do not need to know how to wear as they will do the measurements and show you which are more suitable and dress you up. Tada!

After some snapping is done, I changed out and went for lunch at Tenshinbashisuji street. Lots of food here making you spoilt for choices. Since we were there only the day before, we knew what to try. 

We spotted this place the day before and had been wanting to try! Open 24 hours and specializing in seafood. Prepare to get awestruck by what they serve and the prices are real cheap! 

Like this unagi, broiled tuna and salmon don cost only less than 10sgd! The fish are really fresh!…

My Japan Diary - A day around Tenjimbashi Street

Day 10 - Today will be a day of shopping and clearing what we have yet to eat! Haha. But generally it is mainly a relaxed one. We took the subway to Minaninori-Machi station. 
It is a 2.6km shopping, eating and entertainment street is said to be the longest in Japan and stretches across 3 train stations namely, Minani-norimachi, Omigachi and Tenshimbashi-suji 6-chome on the Sakaisuji Line.

We stopped by briefly at a temple called Osaka Temmangu Shrine. It is still crowded even though it was a few days passed New Year but I believe they also follow closely to some Chinese traditions of celebrating over a few days. Similarly, there were many food stalls selling a variety of snacks catering to the hungry temple-goers. 

A look at the shopping street, it looks endless doesn't it? 

Had a quick lunch at the first Chinese restaurant we saw because mama was craving for something more homely as she was not feeling too well. One of the rare Chinese restaurants around, 大陆风 serves a range typical …

My Japan Diary - From Kyoto back to Osaka

Day 9 - Isn't easy to admit that today is already the 9th day and we have two days more in Japan. We checked out from Kyoto Itoya Hotel early in the morning around 10am and made our way to Yojiya main store near Takashimaya. Address is Shinkyogoku Kayukoji, a 5 min walk from Kawaramachi station. 
Since we had to wait, we went to Starbucks for my favorite Matcha Soy Latte. They have a special coupon to claim your drink. Check this out! 
I was elated. Had this drink almost everytime we walk past a Starbucks because it is really thick matcha and I like the soy milk they use to mix the drink together. A warm comfort food for the winter. 

These are the things we bought from Yojiya. Since I cannot show you how the shop looks like. You can visit their website, they have it in English. If they know you are a foreigner, they will even provide you with a description catalog in various languages such as Mandarin, English and Korean. They are famous for their facial and skincare products. Their …

My Japan Diary - A Day In The Storm Mountain

Day 9 - The day after a snowfall, we decided to make a trip to Arashiyama. Took bus 11 direct to the area is more convenient than taking the train because we had to change if we were to train there. Did not expect the sight to be as pretty as we saw with our own eyes.

A panoramic view of the place including the mountain on the right. 

We had lunch at a restaurant right across Arashiyama bus station. There are many choices of places to dine at and this was just something we chanced upon because we were hungry in the cold. Cannot seem to find this restaurant online so here's some photos to help.

This restaurant seems to be specialized for its tofu and beancurd dishes. We thought their kaiseki sets are quite interesting and decided to order one to try. It is called shokadou lunch and yuba-tofu nabe. The hot pot is for two types of food. Clearly yuba and tofu. 
We also had a tempura yuba udon. See how the soup is different from the normal pork broth? It is cooked from yuba and tofu to pro…