My Japan Diary - From Osaka to Singapore

Day 11  Spent our last day fruitfully at a Osaka Musuem Of Housing and Living. Most people go there for the purpose of getting a sense of walking in their traditional kimono costume. Entrance is 600 yen per pax followed by 200 yen for 30mins in kimono. 

This is how the Musuem looks like. Picturesque view indeed, no wonder it's worth it for just that 30mins stroll and photo taking. You do not need to know how to wear as they will do the measurements and show you which are more suitable and dress you up. Tada!

After some snapping is done, I changed out and went for lunch at Tenshinbashisuji street. Lots of food here making you spoilt for choices. Since we were there only the day before, we knew what to try. 

We spotted this place the day before and had been wanting to try! Open 24 hours and specializing in seafood. Prepare to get awestruck by what they serve and the prices are real cheap! 

Like this unagi, broiled tuna and salmon don cost only less than 10sgd! The fish are really fresh! Natural sweetness of the salmon and tuna will surely buy u over if you dislike the '腥味' of fish.

The fresh crab soup was just irresistible. 
It was filled with the natural sweetness form the seafood. And for about 6-7 sgd it is really very worth a bowl each'

I really thought it was a pork cheek although we ordered a fish instead. The fish was too fishy and tough for my linking. Perhaps it's hard tooooo...

The rest like escargots and the grilled sontong will be grabbed out first. This becomes a first claim first day basis 

If seafood food is your thing, you might want to try this 


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