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Folks Collective

Lunch options can get too many if you work in the CBD. Most people will choose to tabao on most days as finding a table is a challenge too. However, treating oneself on a Friday lunch thus becomes very fulfilling.

Walking past this chic restaurant, it looks like a cafe for the young crowd. Walk towards the entrance and you will see handwritten on a board their specialties. And it is actually THAI food! Step inside and you will be welcomed by wooden furniture and hip framed pictures hung on the walls. And i don't just use hip anyhow, they use Ipads to order (just like Switch @ Timbre) and it's self service. However, we encountered problem with submitting our orders and had to resolve with calling a waitress to take our orders. Service here is pretty slow during the lunch crowed. Weekday set lunch looks like a hit at Folks Collective however, spread is limited but won't cost you more than 12 bucks.

Portions are pretty small though and we were starving so decided to order a f…