Folks Collective

Lunch options can get too many if you work in the CBD. Most people will choose to tabao on most days as finding a table is a challenge too. However, treating oneself on a Friday lunch thus becomes very fulfilling.

Walking past this chic restaurant, it looks like a cafe for the young crowd. Walk towards the entrance and you will see handwritten on a board their specialties. And it is actually THAI food! Step inside and you will be welcomed by wooden furniture and hip framed pictures hung on the walls. And i don't just use hip anyhow, they use Ipads to order (just like Switch @ Timbre) and it's self service. However, we encountered problem with submitting our orders and had to resolve with calling a waitress to take our orders. Service here is pretty slow during the lunch crowed. Weekday set lunch looks like a hit at Folks Collective however, spread is limited but won't cost you more than 12 bucks.

Portions are pretty small though and we were starving so decided to order a few of the dishes we were craving for to share. Iced water here is not free, hence we ordered each a Thai Iced Tea for drinks.


Green Curry Chicken

I thought its pretty decent dish even though the portion was pathetic. We wiped out the curry in a couple of minutes. Its thick and tasty with enough coconut milk but not overwhelming. The chicken was tender and juicy. While I do not have the picture to prove, the green eggplant is cooked to perfection. Unlike some places which has rather hard vegetables in its curries.
Folks Wings ($6.90)

Signature Folks Wings

This came finally after much wait and checks with the waitress. As it was a much awaited dish, we decided to overlook their forgetfulness. It was really crunchy on the outside and we were given thai chilli sauce to dip. These sweet glazed drumlets were freshly fried till golden brown but it did not dawn on us as something that originated from Thailand.


Seafood omelette

Since we ordered dishes to eat with the steamed jasmine rice. We had to get something that goes well with the staple. However, this was merely like any omelette we get at tzechar outlets with lesser oomph in it. Besides the fact that its eaten with some thai chilli sauce, it just isn't what we would have expected.

Seafood Omelette ($10.90)

Phad Thai

A must to order since we're in a Thai restaurant. It turned out to be rather disappointing. I had expected more taste and ingredients in the dish. A little too sweet for my liking and the noodles were overcooked (too soft).

Chicken Pad Thai ($8.90)

Overall, I'd say Folks Collective is a place more for people who are not looking for good thai food but rather the ambience and a place to chill with style

We spent about 20 each which was pretty pricey given the amount we ate. Nevertheless, it would be great to have the what set lunches for the CBD working peeps!

How much was the bill? $77.70! For four pax.

Folks Collective
China Square Central #01-35, 20 Cross Street
Contact number:
6536 6739


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