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The Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant

Do you ever feel like eating 'healthy' at times yet salads and fruits only diet are totally out of consideration?

There are so many vegetarian options these days it is almost impossible to say NO to giving it a try. 
Not only has vegetarian cuisine revolutionize over the years, fans of vegetarian food has also been expanding and gaining recognition from the younger population. 
Unlike Greendot, Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant is a casual dining concept serving Peranakan Thai food at its finest (and veggient). 
Mostly female diners, including ourselves were there on a Friday evening. I am guessing most of them are regulars who bring their friends there to try out the food. 
The restaurant hires all foreigners (shall not name which nationality) and they were not very friendly towards us. Maybe at the start when they were trying to push some expensive dishes to us. We did not budge and followed our preferences and what we read from reviews since it was our first visit.


Usually, chicken rice stalls entice customers with their hanging whole chickens, dripping with oil and looking as fat as they can. (Bugis Street) Ming Kee Chicken Rice sells their chicken rice like hot cakes without any tactics. Perhaps the long queue is their best method of drawing more new customers to their chilled steamed chicken.

Queuing for up to 40mins is perfectly normal on a weekend or during meal times. Located a coffee shop just 5 mins walk from Bishan MRT station, this humble looking eating house has more to offer than just the chicken rice. You may want to explore this place before I share more about it next time :)
We ordered half a chicken ($25 For a whole chicken), $3 chicken gizzards and $3 bean sprouts. We reckon it's cheaper than order the various parts of the chicken for a one person rice set coz the backside is much more expensive. The rice was quite a lot for one plate, small eaters might find that they cannot even finish half. I thought it was just nice ^^ i…