Usually, chicken rice stalls entice customers with their hanging whole chickens, dripping with oil and looking as fat as they can. (Bugis Street) Ming Kee Chicken Rice sells their chicken rice like hot cakes without any tactics. Perhaps the long queue is their best method of drawing more new customers to their chilled steamed chicken.

Queuing for up to 40mins is perfectly normal on a weekend or during meal times. Located a coffee shop just 5 mins walk from Bishan MRT station, this humble looking eating house has more to offer than just the chicken rice. You may want to explore this place before I share more about it next time :)

We ordered half a chicken ($25 For a whole chicken), $3 chicken gizzards and $3 bean sprouts. We reckon it's cheaper than order the various parts of the chicken for a one person rice set coz the backside is much more expensive. The rice was quite a lot for one plate, small eaters might find that they cannot even finish half. I thought it was just nice ^^ it was so fragrant and grainy without sticking to each other like glutinous rice. I like such rice and they goes well with the spicy chicken rice chilli made from scratch. Abundance of garlic and like were part of the secret ingredient into making this special chilli sauce for their chilled chicken. 

The 'Cooled' Chicken in Trays and secret chilli
So.. Why is this chicken rice stall selling so well? What is special about their chicken that brings customers from all over the island to queue for a share of their chicken?
Half chicken + Gizzards + Bean sprouts + Rice in cute plastic cutleries

Normal chicken rice stalls remove their chicken from the soup stock and hangs them to cool down. Ming Kee does it differently by dipping them immediately into cold water to solidify the fats into the layer of skin on their chicken. Whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, the resulting chicken is a bomb. Even the least exercised parts of the chicken is so tender and the crystallized skin melts in your mouth to give a oomph. 

Only downside was their soup which is quite tasteless. Perhaps the chicken that they use are not very fat in the first place and it shows that minimal or no msg is added to bring flavour to their food here at Ming Kee Chicken Rice. Their porridge is not available when we went there. Hence, I'd definitely return for more and hopefully to try their porridge as well! 

Chicken gizzards are also soaked in cold water to retain some crunch. Great snack even if there's no more rice to accompany it with. The bean sprouts was drizzled with lots of special soya sauce and some fried shallots and spring onions. Unlike most stalls outside, the bean sprouts were neither soggy or brownish. Instead they are made fresh before serving. 

Can't wait for my next visit for this yummy chicken rice!!!

Ming Kee Chicken Rice

511 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 570511


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