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Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

If you haven't given a shot for restaurant style vegetarian food other than the normal vegetarian bee hoon you get in the market, it is time you break the rule and let the GREEN DIET takeover your meals. 
Today, i'm recommending the vegetarian food from Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, I've been there not just once, twice but 3 times. The very first time i went, it was when i was in secondary school, an avid vegetables lover then. As far as i could remember, i really liked the place was coz of the comfortable ambience coupled with healthy and nutritious food, there was also the station where you could order vegetables to be fried and sent to your table. I remember having lots of that! 
Recently, i've been there a few times because i only realised it was a friend's good friend's parents' business. Wow, that's a long discription, but nevermind, the most important thing is that, the food here is really YUMMY! I have been here for various reasons, which shows t…

Sushi Tei x ???times

Sushi Tei has never failed to live up to it's reputation for serving one of the best quality japanese food as well as it's ambience which makes customers want to return for more!

Went to Vivocity's outlet for countless times but this round, the service was not as good as expected. Within a short span of an hour, 2 accidents happened with the cutleries. Quite an inefficient day for Sushi Tei.. Yet the food is still as good as ever, we ordered a few items on the Autumn special menu, namely the taru taru oyster roll and the shabu shabu salmon with collagen. And the rest are from the fixed menu where some of which we would order during most of our visits, such as the fried mixed vege, zuwai crabmeat fried rice with fish roe and unagi oyako don ( my favorite!)

Our bill came to about 80 bucks altogether and my aunt used her UOB redeemed vouchers and thus, we only paid around 20 bucks for this awesome lunch! WIll be back for more! :)

Plaza Brasserie @ Park Royal Hotel

Typing in chinese is really not easy.. i shall switch back to english again! haha. 
I managed to get a chance to be on TV FOOD SHOWS!!! It's indeed a dream come true for me. Really looking forward to seeing how i did! Too bad i will be away to Taiwan when it's showing two weeks later, but i can still watch it on Xinmsn! My face will be round and chubby, expected :P Of course if i compare myself to the artiste, i am rather lousy but i did my best! So that's what is most important right!=)
Plaza Brasserie is located at Park Royal Hotel, Beach Road. It took me 1.5hrs to get there, by 2 buses and a taxi ride. I was slightly late by the time i got there, the rest of the tasters have arrived and are busy mingling away, i felt out of place. After filling up a form and being briefed about what was going to happen, we had some time to got to know one another and soon we had to be filmed taking some food. After that, it was 1.5hrs of free and easy ( TO EAT!). We all attacked the ama…

Suanthai Restaurant

看了永远吃不肥2,我真的有好多buffet places 想去尝试。由于我还没试过泰式buffet,就找了几个朋友和我一起去尝一尝。
节目里透漏说这里的服务有多好就有多好,可是我们真有点失望的。虽然是打了电话订位的,但是经理不够专业,只顾着要让更多客人可以吃到他们的食物,坚持我们在一个小时之内就能把食物用完,马上离开。他的态度真的令我差点都没味口吃下去了。但井然都跟朋友去到哪儿,就算了吧。我们只好到外头坐,还没点菜就好像被则问一样,问我们是不是有voucher 才有备而来的。让我更加生气了。他们这样kiasu的态度或许只会赶走客人吧。

但以这个价钱(晚餐价格是20块左右)是满值得去吃的。我们点了几乎有99%of the menu。 和你们介绍其中几样吧!如果想找个便宜又能吃的饱的餐馆,这家泰式ala-carte buffet是能考虑的,不过要是服务和食物要求高的朋友们可能会觉得不怎么合胃口。应该是不会在回去了吧><