Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

If you haven't given a shot for restaurant style vegetarian food other than the normal vegetarian bee hoon you get in the market, it is time you break the rule and let the GREEN DIET takeover your meals. 

Today, i'm recommending the vegetarian food from Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, I've been there not just once, twice but 3 times. The very first time i went, it was when i was in secondary school, an avid vegetables lover then. As far as i could remember, i really liked the place was coz of the comfortable ambience coupled with healthy and nutritious food, there was also the station where you could order vegetables to be fried and sent to your table. I remember having lots of that! 

Recently, i've been there a few times because i only realised it was a friend's good friend's parents' business. Wow, that's a long discription, but nevermind, the most important thing is that, the food here is really YUMMY! I have been here for various reasons, which shows that this place is really worth the trip to Balestier Road's Quality Hotel.

A few dishes to share with you that is worth trying at Lotus ( 莲心 in chinese) are as follows...

Mushroom soup is good. it's creamy and has enough mushroom such that there's a good balance between the two..

Prawn with cereal and oats. You will fall in love after eating this, as it has always been a favorite amongst the young and old, this dish will never fail to disappoint. The soy nuggets used is QQ and taste equally as good as real prawns!

Fried soy nuggets. This light snack is fun to popular among the youngsters.  Taste very much like real nuggets but just that this one has a little more texture to it, i definitely prefer this! less greasy and much less fats too!

Chef preparing BBQ stingray...

Wow.. the looks of it is making me w

My personal favorite! Sweet and sour coated abalone mushroom. This dish can be eaten on it's own as well as a condiment for white rice. The fried abalone mushroom is cooked to perfection and drizzled with the premium sauce which makes this dish especially tempting! Definitely more than a substitute for the commonly known sweet and sour

Some buffet menu items that are worth acknowledging...
Corn soup

watercress soup is sweet and nutritious.. good for the lungs too.

Doesn't the Chwee Kuay looks delicious? Even though it does not use lard oil, it is as tasty as ever! One is never enough! 
Their sesame rice with beancurd skin is made ala-minute so it guarantee you that it is freshly made and you can ask for as much of the specially made chilli as possible. The rice is beady and taste exactly like the real chicken rice just less greasy=)

the dim sum and tiny cakes


Laksa: The important element that determines a good from a lousy laksa is the soup stock. The one at Lotus uses premium ingredients and chilli to produce the laksa gravy so it turns out to be one that is thick and not overly dosed with coconut milk. I love it myself because the taupok used is also big, fat and juicy. Who says laksa has to have the cockles and prawns to taste good? I think this will easily win the many normal laksa stalls.

their low fat ice cream!

Their stations to make chwee kuay and serve you the hot mushroom soup

Huge buffet spread within a confined space for easy reach of many items..

Antique paintings which gives you a feeling of entering a restaurant suited for the Emperors. (i.e PALACE? :D) 


Anonymous said…
Do you still remember the price of the buffet?

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