Plaza Brasserie @ Park Royal Hotel

Typing in chinese is really not easy.. i shall switch back to english again! haha. 

I managed to get a chance to be on TV FOOD SHOWS!!! It's indeed a dream come true for me. Really looking forward to seeing how i did! Too bad i will be away to Taiwan when it's showing two weeks later, but i can still watch it on Xinmsn! My face will be round and chubby, expected :P Of course if i compare myself to the artiste, i am rather lousy but i did my best! So that's what is most important right!=)

Plaza Brasserie is located at Park Royal Hotel, Beach Road. It took me 1.5hrs to get there, by 2 buses and a taxi ride. I was slightly late by the time i got there, the rest of the tasters have arrived and are busy mingling away, i felt out of place. After filling up a form and being briefed about what was going to happen, we had some time to got to know one another and soon we had to be filmed taking some food. After that, it was 1.5hrs of free and easy ( TO EAT!). We all attacked the amazing spread of food as well as discussing about what we should comment about the first impression, service, 5 foods that we liked and final comments. It was very much based on our views and it wasn't too rigid such that we find it fake. We had ample time to enjoy the buffet spread and chit chatting with the rest of the tasters. Here are some of the food which i'd like to share with you...

Sashimi Platter. It's fresh and sliced not too thinly. It's filled with a tad of sweetness, irresistable!
A mix of oyster omellete fried on the spot and some indian specialties. The oyster omellete is as good as those you eat in hawker centres, i love it because it's fresh and the oysters used are really tempting. The chocolate prata i discovered at the indian section definitely took me by surprise. Since i've never tried sweet pratas before, this one has really made me fallen in love with it. Having gobbled down 4 pieces, you can imagine how nice it is, especially when it's just cooked, and still thin and crispy. Very light dessert:) 
Desserts:( clockwise from left) fruitcake, chocolate mousse, gingerbread tree. The fruitcake is not too sweet, slightly too dry i feel and lack of fruit juices. The mousse is nice when it's cold and still hard, when it turns warm and too soft, it doesn't taste as good anymore. The gingerbread tree was normal and a little dry with a lack of ginger juices.
The tapas on the right are quite special, the salmon one is tasty and not too salty, while the cheese used makes it more yummy. The sea cucumber is delicious, the premium sauce used to cook the dish is very aromatic and it does not taste too salty so it's just nice and makes diners want to have more and MORE. The indian samosa might have a little too much indian spices, thus making the smell a lil' strong for some who are not used to eating indian food. But i felt it was quite nice as it is loaded with curried potatos and peas. 
I like the laksa as it is as good as the Katong Laksa. Why would i say this,  because the gravy is thick and not too creamy. The ingredients used were fresh especially the cockles were fat and without fishy taste. I would have eaten another bowl if not because i ate too much of the other dishes. With a dopple of the chilli sauce, it brings the laksa to a whole new level of greatness. Definitely a must try!
Mushroom soup was a little disappointing as it was too watery and could have been better if some mushroom bits can be added to make it less can-like.


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