Sushi Tei x ???times

Sushi Tei has never failed to live up to it's reputation for serving one of the best quality japanese food as well as it's ambience which makes customers want to return for more!

Went to Vivocity's outlet for countless times but this round, the service was not as good as expected. Within a short span of an hour, 2 accidents happened with the cutleries. Quite an inefficient day for Sushi Tei.. Yet the food is still as good as ever, we ordered a few items on the Autumn special menu, namely the taru taru oyster roll and the shabu shabu salmon with collagen. And the rest are from the fixed menu where some of which we would order during most of our visits, such as the fried mixed vege, zuwai crabmeat fried rice with fish roe and unagi oyako don ( my favorite!)

salmon shabu shabu with collagen which is the 2 white cubes on the plate. I didn't know it's the collagen but when we realised, we had little soup left so it made the soup really thick! But definitely tasty as well! Collagen is good for the skin so ladies would love it!:D

I simply love unagi don, this is with oyaku but still very much delicious! ALL TIME FAVORITE!!

The handrolls here are fantastic. One of the key thing about good handrolls have to do with the seaweed and the ones used at Sushi Tei is fresh and crispy. The fillings is abundant and can be very filling!

fried mixed vegetables, simple but tasty! we like it coz we're veggie lovers! yay :D

fried crabmeat rice topped with fish roe. the fried rice has always been good but it's our first attempt trying the one with fish roe, it's a change to our usual fried rice so we kind of enjoy this :) It's fried to perfection and you can taste every bit of rice. QQ and not too salty, yummy!

This is one of their autumn special oyster handroll. There's a oyster in each sushi i think, i could taste the fried oyster with each mouthful of it. I think this dish is really unique and i'd recommend to all those oyster lovers. Eat it with the mayo at the side, and it'll bring the dish to a whole new level of greatness.

i like my sushi half-broiled and so i just dip the raw salmon together with the hotpot for a moment and scoop it up, and here you go...

my half-broiled salmon with ginger slices and wasabi!

looking good eh? I really fell in love with this sushi after the first bite, believe many of you will too! enjoy!
Our bill came to about 80 bucks altogether and my aunt used her UOB redeemed vouchers and thus, we only paid around 20 bucks for this awesome lunch! WIll be back for more! :)


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