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Eats @ Jalan Riang

Supposed to have brunch at Wimbly Lu but it seems like the pizzeria next door is telling me to stop by for some irresistible hot-stoned pizzas.

La Pizzaiola is located just beside Wimbly Lu ( if you know where this is). About 10 minutes walk from Serangoon MRT station, use Google Map if you do not want to go missing within the maze of private houses. There is not many distinctive shops but luckily we had a guide who went there before. I liked the exterior design of the shophouse where the eateries are located at. It's away from the huzz and buzz of the city centre and gives diners some peace and tranquility.

We headed straight into La Pizzaiola and apparently, reservations is highly advisable as it was a Friday and lunch crowd can get really packed. We were given a high table next to the open kitchen concept, so i managed to catch a glimpse of the cooks as they dutifully mould the pizza doughs etc.. Iced water in bottles were placed on our table almost immediately and refilled prom…

Top Eats in Hong Kong

Thinking of what to eat in Hong Kong and do not want to fill your tummies with just any food that comes along? I felt the same, but obviously as a foodie, my main reason for travelling is to eat. You badly want to squeeze in all that you saw on Instagram or Facebook of places to eat but definitely you have to narrow down your choices...

Hence, i'm going to share with all of you my 5 days of pig out in Hong Kong and hope you will find it useful!

Cha Chan Teng ( Hong Kong Cafes) These are those that sells the traditional Hong Kong-style breakfast, lunch, dinners. And they have everything from macaronis to toasts to egg tarts. I went two of the many others i planned to go.

1. Lan Fong Yuen  Went to the one at Tsim Sha Tsui, Chung King Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Road.

Apparently they have many outlets but this just happens to fit our day plan. We had Pineapple buns ( 菠箩油) , macau pork buns, 车仔面,coffee and tea. I personally will not recommend the Bolo Baos here because they turned out cold …

Weekend Trip To Genting

I have been to Genting too many times in my life, but this is the first time i am blogging about what to eat there, because i feel you, it can be a headache.

Genting Themepark is closed till 2014 so for those who wants some peace from the usual gigantic kids playground, you may want to go before USS opens. Following that, we thought there would be less queuing at food places, but we were wrong. 
Let's begin with Fastfood choices. 
Given Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger King, MarryBrown, which one will you choose? If you are smart like me, Marrybrown has got to be your ideal choice. For Breakfast, they serve porridge , ayam soup noodles, nasi lemak and some burgers with hashbrown. They are supposed to be 24 hours, just like every other fast food, so you are guarantee food at wee hours of the night.
The porridge is flavourful and served hot. Add some pepper for some spice if you prefer it to be pepperish. There are small chunks of chicken in there which was well seasoned and tasty. The Nasi L…